From the treasure trove that is Slaylebrity to the luxury delights living on Slay Network, we’ve trawled the depths of opulence to bring you the best most ultimate luxury gift your money can buy . So whether it’s a Handmade belt or bespoke earrings that you’re after, you’ll definitely find something gorgeous and unique amongst all the handmade swag at slay club world.

If you are looking to wow and please We hands down recommend the slay club world membership to seriously impress your loved one.

This gift comes with all the bells and whistles but also can be considered an investment for your loved one. If your loved one loves shopping and showing off then this gift is simply IT! They’ll have access to the best products at very good discounts as the membership fee is credited to an account which they can access, they’ll also have access to slaylebrity to share their photos with other slay members plus they can introduce other members and earn an enviable income as a member. It’s a win win unique gift they won’t forget in a hurry.

Choose from Bronze, silver or Gold membership depending on your budget to give the gift of a lifetime.

Price Range : $12,000 – $60000


When your significant other gets you a slay club world silver membership, you can't help but Purr!

Only opulence remains

The only shopping club that caters to your inner extravagance

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