You don’t wear a hair gem everywhere you go, but there are ways to incorporate old hollywood nuances into your looks today to edge it up. This Stunning Red Glamorous Hair Gem by Slay My Hair is sure to spice up any look. Click here to get it.

For the baby pink hair gem one by the second angel click here it’s look 01-04
She’s also wearing the Gia luxury wig by Slay my hair. Click here to get it

The creme de la creme

Second angel is wearing hair gem in look 01-04. She's also wearing the Gia Luxury wig

Spice it up with this red hair gem

Befitting for a glamorous queen


This perfect red hair gem is available now at Slay my hair in look 01-08. link in bio


Details of this Handmade perfection by Slay my hair! available now. link in bio

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