I wanted to indulge so badly I could feel it! Wearing red the night before is always a recipe for naught behaviour

My morning started like every other. The alarm clock rang, I stumbled out of bed and got into the shower. It was in the shower, as I teased myself, thinking about my hot colleague, that the idea came to me.
I’d been trying to get Mike’s attention for months now. He was single, I was single, and yet all we did was flirt. I figured he didn’t dare to ask me out but the dry spell of not having sex in three months was turning me into a desperate woman.
One of my favorite toys was a remotely operated one. It was one of the better ones I had found. I never bought it to play remotely, it was just that it lasted longer than other vibrators and brought me to orgasm quickly, as the vibrations did wonders for my clit. But I had always wanted to try the remote feature, but never had the right opportunity. This toy allowed someone to connect to it from a distance and control the toy. That’s when the idea came to me. Why not give Mike control over me for a day?
As the water cascaded over my body, I started teasing myself. I tried to imagine what it would be like to give someone total control over my pleasure, over the most sensitive part of my body. The thought of the suspense of not knowing when it would begin or end excited me even more and my fingers teased my clit faster.
“Oh fuck!” I cried out as I came in the shower.
My knees shook so I put a hand on the shower wall to stabilize myself. I wanted to continue, to cum again, but I knew if I did, I’d be late for work so I quickly finished the shower…

After I came it hit me what if I gave him the remote to the device while I was at work and let him watch me , I was coming again just thinking of it.

I got dressed and went to work, we had a meeting and I slipped him a note in a bag with the vibrator and headed back to my desk to see if he would bite

I put the vibrator in place without anyone noticing of course and waited

Just as I was about to give up lo and behold yasss he took the bait, it was moving just the way I like it.

The low rumble intensified just a bit and I started to shift in my seat. My heart raced nervously, not knowing what was about to happen or if Lisa who sat next to me could hear the vibrator rumbling inside of me. I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds, losing focus on the office situation and switched my gaze to him and came right there and then and knew immediately that I wanted him more than ever .

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I wanted to indulge so badly I could feel it! Wearing red the night before is always a recipe for naught behaviour

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