Street style is just as the name implies- it means style that is inspired by the street or has evolved from the street and not from fashion runways. Most have the impression that street style is limited to the streets, however this is a far cry from what is obtainable in the fashion scene.

Street style is now being recognized by top fashion designers and these fashion designers have started to infuse the features of this style into their lines. It’s therefore reasonable to conclude that street style has now become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion scene. Indeed the street has taken over.

What better way to let off some street style vibes with this awesome look by slay my look.

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Hot concierge style tip

You can’t do street style without a pair of cool sunnies. Pair this hot look with silver bridge or silver panther by slay my shades

You’ll need sexy hair to complete this look. Go for Violet, Bella or Claire by slay my hair

Source: Ada Girl

Letting off some street style vibes

When the street takes over you move over

Expressing the beauty of black culture

I don't like trends they tend to make everyone look the same

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