You asked and we listened. After the success of Slay club world In the West, Slay club world is expanding its reach to Africa.

The buzz for this expansion on social media has been epic, and we are pleased to announce that the suspense is nearly over.

Within the next 24hrs Slay club world Africa will open its online platform to Africa’s most elite looking to live and breathe the slay lifestyle. The African model will be slightly different, it will give its members the unique once in a lifetime opportunity to earn in so many ways from the membership.

To us There is no such thing as luck, all luck is, is preparation meeting opportunity.

If you are not mentally ready this club is not for you.

If you want to make more money than you’ve ever made, if you want to build a second home, if you need more time to spend with your family whatever it is you can achieve that when you join Africa’s first most elite network- Slay club world Africa. If people are not calling you crazy your dream isn’t big enough.

Before the launch we ask that today you have the biggest dream party you’ve ever had, go in your room, close the door and visualise and write down on paper everything you’ve ever wanted. And believe that It’s about to be a reality.

We can feel the excitement, patience the wait will be over soon.

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