You lay naked on the bed. A blindfold over your eyes, and soft cuffs on your wrists. Your arms above your head on the pillow. You are wondering when is he going to get into bed, and what is he going to do to you?
He opens up your legs and starts caressing the insides of your thighs. You feel exposed, and get goosebumps. You feel his lips on your knees and how he starts a trail with a goal that you know he always likes. He pulls your hips up and removes the sexy pink thong that you selected for the occasion.

Minute 1
“You smell so good,” are his words. You feel his breathing on top of your sex. He is opening up your legs, turning you into a butterfly. You open up and feel his tongue licking the outside of your vulva. Your legs open and close, and you feel his head in between your legs.
He is now licking the inside of your vulva and you know that he will reach your clit in no time. You extend your legs and place them on his knees. It feels good to be able to push against him. You feel his fingers caressing your hips, and then his right hand takes a detour to your bottom. You know where is he going.

Minute 2
You moan as you feel his finger touch the entrance to your vagina lightly. You can feel how wet you are, and you know that he knows that. A gasp for air as you feel the tip of his middle finger go in. He starts moving in circles, as if looking around your inner flesh for a hidden treasure.
The second finger follows and they start a wild dancing party inside of you. He has carefully reached to that point halfway that has the power to melt your brain. You can still feel his breathing on your sex like a wild beast that has found his prey.

Minute 3
He pulls out his fingers and caresses all the way to your right breast. You raise your legs and start moving them as if you were riding a bull, but upside down. His tongue has made contact with the entrance of your vagina and you know he is feeding off your fluids.
You feel your own wetness being splashed on top of your right nipple. You can feel how hard it has become. So hard that it is now showing some ridges of pleasure, the kind that you get when you are extremely aroused. His two fingers are playing with your nip, caressing it. You open your mouth to gasp for air.

Minute 4
You move your ass up as he places a pillow under you. It is as if he is presenting your cunt as the delicacy that it is to his succulent palate. You lower your butt and get into a comfy position. Your legs are now pointing back at your head.
He lowers himself in the bed and places his tongue right on the tip of your clit. You moan with pleasure as he starts with the soft and almost imperceptible licking. He is turning you on in a major way. You have to gasp for air. Even if the blindfold were not in place you would not be able to see anything, for your eyes are shut tight.

Minute 5
He is good, his licking is bespoke to you. His tongue is doing just the right pirouettes that you need. His upper lip is touching the other side of your clit softly. His lower lip is covering the entrance to your vagina. You feel your fluids overflowing, yet he does not seem to mind.
You push your hands against the headboard. The tension takes your mind to the right place where you want it to be. His fingers are now drumming over your nips, and they are so hard. A reflection of your current state of arousal.

Minute 6
He reaches up to you and removes the blindfold. For a second you think that he will stop the delicious cunnilingus, yet after a brief second he goes back to work on you, on your pleasure. You love his concentration, the laser focus on your parts.
You place your feet on his shoulders. This lets you push him away if the focus on your clit becomes too much. Somehow the new start of his soft tongue caresses on you gets you off to a faster peak. You feel the pleasure bucket starting to fill up.

Minute 7
His focus is getting you places. You tell him not to stop, to keep doing to you the delicious things that he is doing. He is a good listener and answers with his tongue caressing ridges on your clit that you usually do not feel. He is playing with its hoodie and bringing you closer and closer to your release.
His fingers are now massaging your boobs in a very sensual way. His fingers are tracing circles around your nips. They feel like they are being surrounded by a band of little devils that want to take you to pleasure heaven.

Minute 8
You don’t know what triggered you. Maybe it was the way he was looking at you when you looked down at his face. Maybe it was the way his finger unexpectedly got to the tip of your nip. Or maybe it was the thousand caresses of his tongue on your clit, playing with your sensual feelings.
You feel it coming, your orgasm is building up. Your breathing is shallow and fast. You move your hands down to hold his hair. You open your legs even wider to present yourself even more to his mastery.

Minute 9
You almost black out, your legs start shaking uncontrollably. You push his face against your slit, and rub yourself against it. You know you are screaming, “Fuck, fuck, yes, yes!”
The first orgasmic wave has descended on you. It is a rainbow of colors, a set of fireworks, a fountain of pleasure, and a bonfire of sensations. He places his tongue softly on top of your sex, which gives you more time to feel the peaks and valleys of pleasure filling you up.

Minute 10
You hear yourself laughing as he crawls over you. You kiss him and taste yourself on him. You open your eyes wide as you feel his rod hit your vagina. He is hard and ready for you. He unties the cuffs and gives you one of those looks that can melt you on the spot.
You move your hand down and feel his erect manhood. You shove it up and down your slit and then place it on the entrance of your vagina. Nothing prepares you for his bulbous thick head opening you up. You gasp and ask him to go slow. He moves his head down and starts the next kissing dance that will go on until you reach the stars together.

Rest of the evening
With said foreplay you are ready to fuck his brains out. You feel him deep inside of you. He is making his way to the deepest corners of you. Once you feel his balls hit your butt you know that the dance can commence. And it will be a helluva dance…


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I don’t know what triggered me but I know that the dance can commence. And it will be a helluva dance…

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