Two floors of pure fun. The two storey playhouse boosts a Japanese-inspired futuristic style that helps unlock the children’s creativity and imagination. This is quite a house; with two storey playhouse, stairs… and sixteen windows! Spacious, very bright and with many possibilities. Consisting of a ground floor and a top floor, with a protected staircase.

The main material of this two storey playhouse is Birch plywood. It is a material that is highly resistant as it’s made of hard wood, ideal for wet environments. The board comes at the edges with a shield sealing it to water (Sikkens Kodrin) and two films of water-based paint (Sikkens Rubbol for exteriors and Sikkens Cetol), which gives it a high resistance to weathering. The indoor flooring is also made of Birch plywood with phenolic glue. The top layer of the floor is finished with a non-slip material, similar to those used on slides and other children´s playground equipment. First floor with carpet tiles. The roof of this two storey playhouse is made on birch plywood 18mm thick, and has thermal insulation (Rockwool) and precast waterproof EPDM rubber material with a water drain pipe incorporated, to guarantee total water tight closure. Wall finishing with 4 aluminum bars, and gravel over roof. The stairs have 8 steps, and are relatively comfortable to walk up and down, and suitable for adult access.

Assembly of this two storey playhouse is very simple. In 5-6h will be ready to play.

Doors and windows
This two storey playhouse has one door with design handles and finger protection in the hinge area, 2 operable windows, and 13 stationary windows. All made with methacrylate for safety. The door that opens outward for security reasons.

Color & Dimensions
Color: Exterior Side: In White RAL9010 Interior: Birch semi-transparent white
Packaging dimensions: 2,00×1,00×2,00m (6′-7”x3′-3”x6′-7”)
Weight: 550Kg (1213 lb)

Concierge Price : $ 24, 423
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.


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What characterizes this outdoor playhouse is the large number of windows with different geometrical shapes which give it an original and futuristic look.

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