Slaylebrity is a luxury fashion and lifestyle social media platform that connects you to high fliers and bosses, and brings you unique and diverse luxury content from around the world.

This is really a members social media club hosted by the exclusive and luxurious Slay Network. The Network consists of sloggers (slay network members who are lifestyle bloggers) and Slaylebrities (slay network members who are influencers or fashion/lifestyle that have at least 500K followers on Instagram or Slaylebrity). Of course the whole point is to become a Slaylebrity eventually, hence sloggers will be upgraded to Slaylebrity status once they reach the Slaylebrity goal.

Here you can also get updates on the latest at Slay Network, follow the official Slay Angels plus the cute Slay bambinis and view Slay Magazine.

Slaylebrity App will be available for download here shortly.

Till the next Slay time!

Luxury Social media platform for high fliers and bosses

Slaylebrity the best luxury Social platform

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