But she is leaving the Trump Organization and her fashion label.

On the same day Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, accepted a job as senior advisor to the president (his father in law), Ivanka Trump, Kushner’s wife and Trump’s daughter, has decided she will not work in the White House, according to CNBC.
Ivanka, 35, has been a trusted advisor to her dad on the campaign trail. She’s also executive vice president of development and acquisitions at her father’s company, the Trump Organization, but on Monday Vanity Fair said Ivanka will step down from that role and other board positions with the company, sell her interest in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, and resign from the fashion label in her name.
The 35-year-old executive, who has three children with Kushner, will instead focus on settling their family in Washington, D.C., according to Reuters. Kushner will be working in the Trump White House in an advisory role, despite an anti-nepotism law meant to prevent elected officials from giving jobs to their family members.

Ivanka will not take a job at the white house

She has chosen to stay home instead, do you think she made a good choice?

Ivanka and her family

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