The first daughter is taking heat for posting an outfit photo during Saturday’s immigration ban protests.

In the midst of Saturday’s humanitarian crisis, sparked by her father Donald Trump’s executive order to block immigration and travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, Ivanka Trump seemed entirely unfazed. While activists and influencers took to social media to express their outrageover Trump’s ban and show support for the afflicted refugees and immigrants, the first daughter used her public platform to show off her glamorous outfit.

Last night, Ivanka shared a caption-less picture of herself and husband Jared Kushner to both her Instagram and Twitter accounts. The photograph showed the couple standing in front of a mirror—Jared dressed in a tuxedo, Ivanka in a metallic silver gown.

As one would expect, the Internet was not pleased with the poorly timed post and wasted no time in slamming Ivanka for being insensitive and out of touch. Some called the move “tone-deaf,” while one user likened Ivanka’s callous behavior to that of French monarch Marie Antoinette, who is infamously quoted as having said “Let them eat cake” upon learning that the French people were starving and without bread.

By Harper’s Bazaar

We love Ivanka in this dress though!

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Poor Ivanka

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Wow Ivanka for once we don't wish to be you at this moment!

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