Remember a few years ago, when it was so easy to grab followers on Instagram, Facebook, etc, don’t you just wish you had been smart enough to get in on time? Or what about Bit coin, we bet you missed that one too. Here’s a new opportunity that no one in their right mind should ignore!

Slaylebrity is a discovery social network engine of entertainment that recommends high end photography, art, politics, fashion, parenting, kids activities, travel, food, fitness and just about every other topic you can think of.
For those interested in the lifestyle niche, Navigating Slaylebrity feels like surfing a web where every incoming WIFI wave feels tailor-made just for you. All you have to do is tell Slaylebrity which category you are interested in and it will feed you interesting content in that category.
What makes Slaylebrity so unique is that every time you use it, you end up on an epic journey through lifestyle content and links you may have never found without the help of the tool.
Besides bringing users awesome lifestyle content, Slaylebrity allows its members to like (slay posts) and follow the slay tribes(slay tribes are pages on slaylebrity) they like.
On a much more interesting level, Slaylebrity allows its VIP members to share photos and content that they’ve either written or enjoyed. This presents an incredible opportunity for bloggers, influencers and brands to promote their content to a worldwide audience who have a higher than average disposable income. With the increasing influx of robots in the free social media scene, this is certainly a highly advantageous opportunity to those looking to promote anything to a worldwide audience. In particular VIP members get the added benefit of not having to do tedious promotion of the content they share on slaylebrity as each member receives automatic social signals across every major social network creating incredible growth for their blog or website. There simply is no other better way to grow your online presence with minimal hassle and effort.

So how does it all work?

The network has set up a sort of social grading system. Essentially all users can register for free as Slay birds. As a slay bird you can follow, like and comment, but you’ll need to pay the slay tribe membership fee if you’d like to broadcast photos of your enviable lifestyle or share your content with Slaylebrities’ premium traffic/users . The goal of the network is to weed out the fake traffic trend currently on the public social network scene by providing unlimited access to real premium traffic to those who want to promote their personal or company brand at a fixed cost.
The Elite Membership levels are graded into three: Sloggers, Slaylebrities and the ultra elite Gold Star Slaylebrities. When a member upgrades to Slogger Status it costs $1000 per month.or $12000 a year for the upgrade. Sloggers are entitled to the following perks:
1. 500 slay dollars ($500) credited to their slay network account every month for 1 year which the member can use to purchase any item at the Slay network luxury store.
 2. Sloggers can share their content on the exclusive platform and refer others to gain loyalty rewards
 3. Content shared on Slaylebrity by a VIP member is shared and promoted daily by the network across five different public social networks. to help grow their slay tribe and general online presence.
Companies can also benefit from becoming members of this elite network as it effortlessly keeps advertising at a flat rate and provides access to the much sought after ‘high disposable income’ client base. Businesses pay the same fee a month to have an account at this network.
The best social network is one that allows you to share your content without time limits, excessive content limits, limits on website links, etc. A network that gives you access to your followers details so that you can build your list, A network that is also not too expensive with regards to advertising and most importantly a network that actively promotes its members content.
 Slaylebrity is the only network that allows you to do all the above, while keeping costs fixed. All VIP members spend the same and are allowed to share unlimited content. All VIP members receive guaranteed social signals across all major networks monthly. All VIP members receive monthly credits which they can use to purchase any item from slay fitness, slay network and slay lifestyle there really is no comparison.
Unlike other social networks your Slaylebrity page will actively be promoted, expect no less than 13000 shares, tweets etc per month of your Slaylebrity channel
Shop premium looks, luxury items, fitness and health products with your slay dollars, plus get priority access to limited edition pieces
Promote your personal brand or company brand to ready willing and able buyers on Slaylebrity ( Slaylebrity attracts the kaching crowd)
No need to spend excessive amounts on expensive ads on other social networks that get you Nowhere. Once you subscribe you are free to share your content with no 1 minute limit on your videos etc.
Meet and connect with other like minded people on Slaylebrity
But why charge for social networks that are already free?
Public social networks aren’t actually free to effectively promote your content. For instance, a 300K and above instagram Influencer account charge from $300 and above for just one post for only 24 hrs. Who is to say you would get sales after this one post. How do you judge the authenticity of their numerous likes when likes and followers on most free social platforms can be bought for next to nothing. The best way to get your product to be seen is to get guaranteed exposure.

Join a private social network that lets you share your content without limits and also shares your content daily across five different public social networks.

It's official Slaylebrity is definitely the in thing right now in the social media space- don't be left out.

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