Slay club world, the world’s most peculiar luxury lifestyle club, is famous for its plethora of extravagant products. The mere existence of Slay club world invites the question : who are the members of the secret club? Well well no other than the shopping elite! Those who want only the best and don’t care who makes it or how much it costs. Those willing to pay a premium for the luxury of not having to shop around for the best umbrella, money clip, or AM radio—Slay club world is a shopping destination not just because of what it sells but how it sells it. In recent times the club has started to move away from mere clothing to more assorted paraphernalia. Slay club world members are very intelligent They don’t need to be told what to do, or how to do something.

Where everybody else keeps zig-zagging to figure out what to do in retail, the specialist lifestyle club tends to stay right on the same path, This consistency—or stubbornness, if you see it that way—may have been a wise move in hindsight, when you consider what’s happened with other exclusive lifestyle clubs. With a 2018 revenue of $156 million this club is certainly here to stay. Still, Slaylebrity’ slay club world is the only club we are aware of that sells products it knows no one may buy. The clubs’ focus in the last year has been to put things on the platform that makes you go, ‘Wow, what is that?’ ” head concierge Sarah Palmer says “We actually almost like it better when you don’t know what it is.” Things like flying cars, submarines, $50,000 BMW toy cars for kids have been known to appear on Slaylebrity. Their practicality is almost always inversely proportional to their astronomic cost. The purpose of these items is simply to lure and entertain the members, but they are so important to Slay club world that the company employs a full-time buyer dedicated to finding them. Occasionally people do buy such items. Slay Club world has sold submarines, and a few refurbished £60,000 doll houses to some of its members.

If these outrageous products aren’t selling, what exactly is? What makes for a hot Slaylebrity product in 2018? Sarah says the luxury embellished snapback and matching shoes together with the handmade Blythe replica customized dolls are the hottest products at Slaylebrity even though they come at a price tag of over $1000 per set for the embellished products all the way up to $25,000 for the dolls.

Handmade products are all the rage right now and Slaylebrity is packed with it.

Mrs Palmer says: “You need something, you go to Amazon. With Slaylebrity’s slay club world , you need nothing but something in your head says: let’s go and see if there’s something fun, or if I can go and buy something I can’t find anywhere else.”

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The only club For Those who want only the best and don't care who makes it or how much it costs.

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