We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding Slay club world. We thought it would be better to answer most of the questions here. Email us at slayclubworld@slaynetwork.co.uk if your still not clear after this and we will be happy to help.

The Slay Black membership program is a new affiliate program being launched by the Slay Network via its luxury Social platform Slaylebrity.com. Although slay is a UK brand, the program is open to all interested parties worldwide. The program will be open for entry on the 07th of January. The program is for recruiting other Slay club members. It’s also a recurring lifetime program. Basically you earn 50% commissions for every new member you sign up every month. But you need to also be a member to promote the program. Or else how could you possibly get others to join if you don’t know how great Slay is😒😀. The unique thing about this program that has everyone excited is that the funds you pay (and also your recruited members pay) go to their respective slay accounts. The Slay Network is an ultra high end online store and with amazing unique luxury products, so it’s really not difficult to get your friends to join. Essentially the money you pay goes to your account and is registered as Slay Dollars in your Slay account. Your Slay dollars can be used to buy a Slay product anytime. However you cannot use the money in your slay account to renew your membership. To be clear your commissions are separate from this as your commissions are cash payments to your paypal account or in special cases direct to your bank account. The second benefit if your a blogger is that the company also have a luxury social platform and membership gives you rights to share content on the platform. All in all its the best online business gig out there.

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Email slayclubworld@slaynetwork.co.uk or info@slayneywork.co.uk with your name and country residence to apply

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