A magical forest. Chairs wearing ballet shoes. Hot pink sofas as far as the eye can see. If a restaurant had just one of these things, we’d be pretty intrigued right now. But when that place has all of these things, and a Mayfair postcode to boot, we’re practically straining at the leash to get inside. sketch is the creation of restaurateur Mourad Mazouz and celebrated chef Pierre Gagnaire, and every inch of it practically begs to be Instagrammed. For starters, check out these funky stairs.

The Gallery
sketch is serious design goals, and you ain’t seen nothing yet. Fans of fuschia should make a beeline to The Gallery, where some sort of pink proliferation has taken place. (See more pink places in London)

This must be what it looks like inside a candyfloss machine. I mean, if that candyfloss machine had 91 colourful David Shrigley artworks chucked in for good measure, as sketch does.

The Lecture Room
The Gallery is the place to be for afternoon tea or dinner, but if you’re after an unforgettable meal, head instead to The Lecture Room, the restaurant that won sketch its two Michelin stars.

The Glade
You might suspect (correctly) that there’s a dress code here. sketch’s suggestion is ‘art smart’ – that’s with “a sense of style and character” to you and me. Looks like the chairs got the memo.

For our money, the prettiest room at sketch is The Glade. Redesigned last year, the room was re-imagined as a mythical forest, complete with a seriously fluffy carpet designed to look like a forest floor.

Trees adorn the walls, and the whole effect is topped off by touches of gold, velvet seating, and a tinted glass ceiling. There’s no other word for it: this place is stunning.

The cherry on top of this sundae is a jazztastic self-playing piano, which keeps diners entertained between courses. But it isn’t the most curious thing about sketch. To find that, head to the toilets.

Oh yes. They might look like eggs, but these futuristic space pods are in fact fully-functioning loos. Despite being the most ultra toilets we’ve seen in a while, sketch still gives them seasonal makeovers, such as this cute effort for the Mayfair Flower Show.

They got even more extra at Christmas, too. dont believe us? see photo below

A meal at sketch is not an everyday occurrence (if it is, we’re insanely jealous). However, for those days you’re feeling Extra Fancy, and looking for somewhere fabulous to go, sketch will fill both your stomach and your Instagram feed rather nicely.

Location: 9 Conduit Street, Mayfair, W1S 2XG. Nearest station is Oxford Circus. See them on Google Maps.
Opening hours: sketch is open seven days a week, and you can find the opening hours for each room here.
Entry: free, but we’d advise making a reservation.
More information: head to their website – but good luck navigating it…

By secret Ldn

Quite possibly the most innovative restroom in the world

Source: @sketchlondon

The Glade

Source: @sketchlondon

Every detail is interesting

Source: @sketchlondon

When the sun sets at your restaurant

Source: @sketchlondon

The Parlour

Source: @sketchlondon

There’s no other word for it: this place is stunning

Source: @sketchlondon

A jazztastic self-playing piano

Source: @sketchlondon

A cute effort for the Mayfair Flower Show.

Source: @sketchlondon

A meal at sketch is not an everyday occurrence (if it is, we’re insanely jealous)

Source: @sketchlondon

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