Isabella was deeply in love with her boyfriend, George, a charming and successful businessman. Though their love was strong, Isabella yearned for more excitement and passion in their relationship. Determined to bring a spark back into their lives, she concocted a daring plan that would ignite their senses like never before.

This is WholeFoods not the beaches of Morocco!” I belch out at the Malibu princess dumping a carton of milk all over her fat and now soaked tits for the TikTok boy filming in front of her.
Her golden skin catches all the men’s eyes as she moves like the sun. Her skin, her body, it’s all a selling point. And the blonde hair… god she’s nailing it.
Staring at me she smiles in fascination at my boldness.
Fuck you! And the wet T-shirt trend is so early 2000’s not today.
Grabbing the butter I blast my ass out of the dairy area and get to the cash out line. These kids are ridiculous. Not everything is about sharing with the social media world. Parents don’t want their kids seeing that shit. Just go home and eat a donut off your man’s dick. That will keep you busy and him.
Shaking my head I finally get up to my turn at the register to purchase my carbs.
Officially out of there I blast to my car while hearing the idiot talking with her friend behind me. Rolling my eyes I unlock my car and shove my shit in my SUV.
“Oh hey it’s the sexy milf and her butter.”
Turning my head I give her a look. “Excuse me?”
“It’s a compliment.”
“I have a boyfriend.”
“Didn’t stop you from looking at my tits,” the girl says, pulling her gold locks back as she stops and stares. Her body being the perfect shape and sound of anything you’d desire if you were in need.
Slamming my trunk down I respond, saying, “It’s a compliment.”
Smiling, she starts to laugh then looks at the ground and back up at me; as her friend fucks around on his phone ignoring our pointless parking lot tease of a conversation.
“Right. Ok, milf.” Giving me a wave she walks off and I head to my drivers door.
What the fuck just happened?

Feeling the hot force under his skin I drag my fingers across his chest about to shove my nails deep as I close my eyes and see a golden beach. The sea a teal green, it’s begging for the clouds to fade as the sun falls. My hair flies in the wind as I sit opposite the girl I thought of today. She drives her hand up my arm and my shirt strap falls down around her soft fingers. Looking up at me she smiles and brings her face in closer to mine, begging me to give her all of my attention.
George begging me to ruin him with all of my needs, I sit down onto him still wearing the sexiest custom lingerie ever from slay my lingerie and tilt my head back as I see her again. Hands wild and opinions of the world out the door, she brings them to my lips and teases them.
“ I want you to tell me what you want.”
Opening my eyes I see him for all he is. A man that wants to make me happy but also have everything he can get. A man with needs.
“I want a threesome with a girl,” I say, fully combusting.

Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.









About to combust!

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