There’s something about Saint Records. Solange Knowles has so much soul and class, and it comes through in her spectacular work.

Some visuals from cranes in the sky

By Saint Records


Cranes in the sky

Beautiful tunes

So much soul

"When I first started writing this record I was tired, filled with grief, and feeling broken. I felt so many got to create my narrative and I wanted to do was tell my story in my own words, and in my own voice. 4 years later, I am completely overwhelmed and humbled with pride and gratitude for all of the love I have received on #aseatonthetable. I'm actually stunned still. I can't even put it into words. Thank you all. I can't thank you enough" Solange knowles

Saint Records - Jimmy Fallon Tonight

Singers- Isadora Mendez and Franchelle Lucas, costumes Tina and Tim White, choreography Solange Bass David DJ Raymond Jr

The performance Jimmy Fallon tonight

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