Nope! We are not asking you to be a Xerox of each other, but for you and your BFF to be making a similar fashion statement is a big shout-out. Declare it to the world that you are the coolest BFFs in town, and follow these rules to pump-up your friendship even more:
* Rule 1 – If babe picks up an off-shoulder top, you better pick the same but in a different color.
* Rule 2 – If babe decides on wearing a pair of skinny jeans, you step out in a pair of flared jeans.
* Rule 3 – If babe wears a bomber jacket to a brunch party, you wear a floral linen jacket instead.
* Rule 4 – If babe wears a solid pastel shirt with a pair of distressed jeans for her casual go-to look, you slip into a striped shirt with a pair of skinny ones.
* Rule 5 – If babe wears a sophisticated dress to a dinner party, you slip into a knee length skirt and a formal shirt matching to it.

Check out this bestie look from slay my look.

Top Colors: lime green or pink
Shorts: black
Price: $491.4
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

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Hot Concierge tip

We recommend Shayla and Viola from slay my hair to complete this look.

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