I’ve always had a problem with sex. When I met my wife, I thought I was going to be satisfied, you know? But I can’t get it up when I’m with her. And when I do get it up, it’s not great. Sophie isn’t sure what’s wrong with me, so she suggested talking to her mom. And when i did let’s just say things didn’t go according to plan.

I’ve only been married to Sophie for a month, but things have already gotten pretty weird between us. For one thing, I’ve been fucking her mom and she’s been fucking my sister more than we’ve been fucking each other.
We’re both vaguely aware of what the other person is doing, but we haven’t discussed it. I’m not sure we ever will. Still, I don’t like feeling so disconnected from her, which is why we’ve scheduled a “date night.”

When I get home, my wife’s car is not in the driveway. My first feeling is relief, followed immediately by guilt over feeling so relieved. I want to have sex with Sophie, don’t I? Maybe it’s just that I know that, no matter how much I’m enjoying it, I will be thinking about my mother-in-law the whole time.
Her colossal tits, perfect for sliding a dick between. Her bulbous, yet solid ass that I can’t keep my hands off of. Her juicy cunt, tight like a blood pressure cuff from all the Kegels exercises she does.
I’m picturing her bouncing up and down on my cock as I walk into my master bedroom.
“Hi, Jason,” her voice calls out from the darkness.
Startled, I fall back against the dresser, causing a porcelain vase to teeter on the edge. I grab it before it falls, then turn on the light. “Mrs. Worthington! What are you doing here?”
She’s lying on top of the covers of our bed, wearing one of Sophie’s lacy teddies, with her hair in a French twist the way Sophie does when we’re about to fuck. The lingerie is too tight in the chest, and her tits are spilling out the top. I’m surprised she can even breathe.
“What did I tell you about calling me ‘Mrs. Worthington?’ It’s Madeline, remember?”
I don’t care what she says; it’s obvious she likes it when I call her ‘Mrs. Worthington.’ She enjoys everything I do at this point.

I took a deep breath, trying to gather the courage to do what needed to be done. My wife had been complaining about her sex life with me for some time now, and I had never been able to figure out what was wrong.

I reached for Madeline’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I’m ready,” I said, my voice shaky.

Madeline’s hands moved over my body, and I tried to relax as she helped me out of my clothes. I felt like a teenage boy, so nervous and excited at the same time. I couldn’t believe I was actually going to have sex with my mother-in-law.

Madeline moved her body over mine, and I felt my penis begin to swell. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the feelings as Madeline moved her hips in a rhythm I’d never experienced before. Finally, I felt myself release, and a wave of relief washed over me.

Madeline leaned in to kiss me again, and I felt the energy between us build again. I could feel myself getting harder and harder, and I knew that I was about to experience something very special.

Madeline moaned as I moved in and out of her, feeling like I was finally doing something right. I closed my eyes, focusing on our bodies together, the pleasure coursing through me.

Madeline lay next to me, smiling, and I knew that I’d just experienced something I’d never forget. I’d fulfilled more of my fantasies, and it had been with my mother-in-law.

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