I love letting my inhibitions down!

I’d never shared a bed with anyone before, and I expected my first time would be under different circumstances. I hoped for something romantic and sexy, not a business trip away from home in a hotel room with a work buddy.
A work buddy with a sexy-as-fuck curvy figure, a winning smile, and a great personality. Yes, I had a secret crush on her.
I didn’t want to see her in her nightwear, and didn’t want to share a bed with her, because what if I did or said something I’d later regret when I was half asleep? Something like confessing my desires.
And I definitely couldn’t drink alcohol in case I let my inhibitions down and made a pass at her.
When it came to bedtime, we each changed into our PJs in the bathroom. I wore a cotton shorts and T-shirt combo while she had on a big baggy nightshirt, and I shouldn’t have wondered about what was underneath.
I shouldn’t have admired how her huge breasts swung free under the silky fabric, and I shouldn’t have noticed her prominent nipples.
I shouldn’t have looked at all.
We slipped between the sheets, but before we turned off our bedside lamps, Cathy started talking, first with some general wind-down chit-chat, and it quickly took an unexpected turn.
“This is weird, isn’t it?” she asked.
“What do you mean?”
She snuggled closer to me. “That we’ve never slept together before. I mean, we’ve done all sorts of stuff since we met. Working with you has been such a breath of fresh air. You’re fun to be around and not as uptight as most people I know.”
It seemed to come out of nowhere. But then again, maybe it hadn’t. Did I dare to hope the feelings of attraction were mutual?
“You don’t mind if I sleep next to you tonight, do you? A lot of the other people at work would get in a real state if they found themselves sharing a room with someone from the office that they fancied.”
“You what?” I was shocked and delighted the feelings weren’t all one way.
“Of course, you must’ve known,” Cathy rolled onto her side, facing me and coming even closer. “I like to think you fancy me too.”
“Have I ever given you any indication that I’m gay?” I asked cautiously.
“No, you haven’t.” Her voice was soft and intimate. “But you’re very open-minded and accepting. Plus, you’re hot, so I just hope I’m going to get lucky with this situation.”
She was taking a big risk by making an advance. And I wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip through my fingers.
“Yeah, you’re right,” I whispered with a husky tone. “I fancy you too.”
The words echoed around the room, and my pussy tingled at their sound. I’d never spoken the truth aloud before.
She pulled me toward her. Our bodies entwined, and I felt her warm breath against my neck.
I ran my hand over her back, brushing the silky fabric of the loose nightshirt beneath my fingertips. Cathy’s hand drifted across my body, resting on my hip and moving slowly higher until she reached my breast.
My heart beat faster, and my breathing quickened.
“So,” she murmured, tracing her finger gently up and down my nipple. “What do you think we should do?”
I closed my eyes and breathed deeply.
“I…ummm,” I stuttered, and my brain struggled to find the words. She didn’t push me for an answer but moved her hand down to edge around my PJ shorts, rubbing the soft fabric.
I froze.
She was about to discover my damp patch and my secret desire.
My pulse raced.
“I want to kiss you,” I confessed.
“Oh, yeah?” She giggled, and her hand continued around the back of my shorts where she caressed my buttocks.
I opened my eyes to see hers full of lusty promise. “What else?” she asked.
“I want to lick your pussy.” I bit my bottom lip, unable to believe how easily she had me opening up to her and that I’d just said that out loud.
She grinned, pushed me back, and her mouth slipped over mine. All at once, I was overwhelmed by her kiss, her flavor on my lips, and the intoxicating scent of her skin.
Our lips melded like we were two halves of a whole. And our mouths opened together. Our tongues danced, teased, and licked, tasting one another. I could have continued like that for hours and been satisfied. I might even have come from just kissing alone.
“Mmmm,” she purred.
We kissed and kissed, and our tongues explored while our hands ran over each other’s bodies, over the top of our bedwear.
Eventually, she pulled away and grinned while pushing me back.
“Kiss my tits,” she demanded as she straddled me, still wearing her nightshirt, her covered breasts hanging over my face.
I had little choice but to obey as they lowered from above me, and I buried my face in her cleavage.
“Take this off,” I commanded, but I think she was about to do it anyway as she instantly sat up, crossed her hands over her stomach, and whipped the garment up and over her head.
Straight away, she lowered her boobs back down above my face, with gravity helping to lure them toward me. “Now suck them,” she said.
Her breasts were so big and so round and squidgy in real life, and I kissed and sucked them with enthusiasm. I wrapped my lips around her nipples and sucked hard while she moaned.
“Fuck,” she groaned. “That feels good. Let me lie down.”
She got off me and lay on her back, and I turned immediately to resume giving her boobs attention before moving lower, pressing my mouth against her stomach and licking her navel.
“Keep going,” she encouraged with a breathy whisper.
I slipped my tongue inside her belly button and licked the sensitive skin surrounding it.
“I want to taste your pussy,” I murmured as I continued to kiss lower, and my lips dipped into the cleft that acted as a direct path to her pussy.
Do I need to mention I’d discovered she wore nothing under her big baggy nightshirt?
“Oh, yes!” she moaned, wanting it as much as I did.
My tongue slid between her legs and swirled around her clit, while she gasped and mewled with pleasure, and her fingers firmly gripped my hair.
Her legs parted wider, and she lifted her hips, inviting me to continue eating her out. “Suck it!”
I smiled and took hold of her thick, soft pussy lips, parting them with my fingers and dragging my tongue along her tangy, thick wetness. As I sucked her folds, she moaned and trembled, and her body shook like a leaf in a storm.
My own arousal built with every stroke of my tongue. It was something I’d only ever fantasized about doing, and the reality was better than my wildest dreams because of how my senses were treated to the woman’s scent, taste, and erotic, encouraging moans.
I didn’t need lessons in pussy licking; somehow, I just knew what to do. Instinct took over. And I slipped one finger and then another into her drenched channel.
Her hands clenched the sheets as I flicked my tongue across her swollen clitoris, and I had her.
“Oh, fuck,” she gasped, and her whole body spasmed as she climaxed in my mouth. “Yes! Fuck, yes!”
She bucked and thrashed her head from side to side, and she came hard, her arms flailing above her. I fingered her and licked her while making every effort to maintain the right sort of contact throughout.
When she seemed to calm down, I slid back up her body and planted a kiss on her lips.
“You’re amazing,” she panted. “I knew you would be.”
“Thank you,” I said, and my heart soared at the compliment. “I loved doing it.”
She looked so beautiful in the lamplight. Her face was flushed, and her hair was disheveled, but she radiated happiness.
“I like it too,” she said and brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. “I think we should do this more often.”
“I kind of hoped we haven’t finished already,” I admitted with a little alarm.
She giggled and set my mind at rest. We hadn’t finished; on the contrary, we’d only just started and had to face the following day’s work conference on very little sleep.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I love letting my inhibitions down!

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