The brand has been accused of supporting women’s oppression

There have been calls on social media to boycott Ralph Lauren after the brand dressed Melania Trump for the inauguration last Friday.
The brand designed a custom-made powder-blue dress for the new First Lady, which she wore with matching elbow-length gloves and diamond earrings.
However, a social-media hashtag has since been launched, protesting against the label for working with Trump. Some Twitter users believe the move shows that Lauren doesn’t care about sexual assault towards women – a reference to the numerous allegations that have emerged concerning the new President. Others have tweeted the brand, writing: “It’s not OK to support oppression.”

An anonymous source from Ralph Lauren said that the reception to dressing Trump was not all positive.
“We immediately started to get complaints about Melania Trump wearing [the label]. And people are using the #boycottralphlauren hashtag,” said the source.
Lauren also dressed Hillary Clinton for the inauguration, who wore a white pant suit. The move is thought to show an apolitical stance.

What a lot of drama

We wonder how Melanie is coping with all this.

People are really not liking Trump

And it goes on

Now that would be a waste

Wow Ralph has got himself in the middle of things

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