My heart keeps skipping in anticipation of what is to come

We pulled up to a dark building lit up by five red neon letters: Motel. My heart skipped a beat when he pulled into the parking lot.
I’d never been to a motel before.
I’d only heard of the things people do there and, tonight, I was here to do the very same.
I was supposed to be home tonight…
The condoms he got from the 7-Eleven gleamed in his pocket and I started throbbing.
What the fuck have I gotten myself into? Shit, Lin, wtf have you gotten yourself into?
My mind was racing,
I’d never done something like this before.
I was about to let a man who didn’t love me fuck me like he hated me.
I felt cheap.
I felt disgusting.
I felt wet… and desirable.
And it felt right.

He instructed me to wait for him
As he stepped out of the car to handle his business and get us our room. When he came back to the car, he opened my door and together we walked in silence to the room where we were going to kill a few hours.
It was beautiful.
These huge, elegant mirrors lined the walls, alongside a perfectly made bed that felt unusually wide.
Wide enough for my legs to spread as far open as they could so I could take all of him inside of me, but I would find that out later.
He turned on the tv and there was a porno playing.
He left it on mute and turned his attention to me.
In no time, our clothes were off.
I was on all fours with my wet, warm mouth ready to please him. He grabbed a handful of my hair and placed himself in my mouth.
I took him deep into my throat and stroked him long and slow; tenderly swirling my tongue from the bottom to the top and snaking it along the head.
My spit accumulated and pretty soon the only sounds in the room were that of me making love to him with my mouth and occasionally coming up for air, with the head of his dick still trapped between my soft lips.
He was so long and so thick but my throat accommodated him as my tongue swirled around the head of his dick rapidly.
He started to drip.
I alternated between sucking it up while lifting all seven inches up and running my tongue along the entirety of his shaft and his balls, taking each one into my mouth.
I listened as his groans became motivational and looked up at him to see him looking back at me as his fingers played with my curls.
We locked eyes.
I got wet.
Suddenly the tenderness of his fingers in my curly hair turned into a vice grip as he dragged me to the edge of the bed and made me lay on my back, before telling me to open up. I did as I was told and spread my legs…
Until I realized he still wanted my throat.

He placed himself back in my mouth

And started fucking my face.
I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter.
I wanted this.
I needed this.
I loved being this man’s slut.
I really did.
My hands ran along his smooth skin as I multitasked touching and sucking him; sneaking a peak in the mirror, marveling at how beautifully our complexions glistened underneath the sweat.
He was beautiful.
We were beautiful.
We became one.
I gagged and came up for air.
Before I could blink he had me on my back with my legs spread open in front of him.
He took a moment to look at my snatch; opening me up like a flower in full bloom, separating my petals.
Not a word as he wrapped his lips gently around my clit and let his tongue glide all across it. My back arched off the bed.
My nipple rings glistened beneath the lights as his soft hands met up with them in the open air; rolling them between his fingertips.
I started losing my breath.
The urgency was growing from deep within my stomach; a glow was starting to take over my body from inside of it.
I was gonna cum if he didn’t stop.
And he didn’t stop.

It was getting harder to talk
Syllables seemed nonexistent.
I whispered a heavy —
“Oh my God!”
As my eyes rolled back.
He pulled my cheeks apart, sliding a finger inside both holes, as he began giving my clit gentle kisses before enveloping it in his wet mouth, sucking softly, adding more pressure.
My body wasn’t safe in his mouth or in his hands. Any direction I tried to move, his tongue was waiting for me, his fingers still sliding in and out of me. He never let up. It was orgasmic being in this kind of danger.
Suddenly he took each of my legs and pushed them all the way back towards my shoulders, spreading them wide as he parted my lips with his hands again and held them open.
It was at this moment that this became my favorite position because it left me vulnerable to his intentions, left with no other choice but to cum.
His tongue picked up the pace, his fingers worked me over, and my clit started tingling.
My back rose as much as it could and I threw my head back into the mirror and screamed as my legs stiffened. I came so hard, my water coated his lips, and they glistened as he smiled at me.
I wanted him.
I needed him deep inside me.
“Please… fuck me!”
“When I’m done with you, I will.”


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








My heart keeps skipping in anticipation of what is to come

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