Dear Director of Development:

I wish to submit my feature length screenplay, “LOCUST FIELD,” for your consideration. “LOCUST FIELD” is a modern-day mystery thriller set in the English countryside. The cast is small but developed, and the locations are distinct yet limited. With no stunts or need for major special effects, “LOCUST FIELD” could be made on a limited budget.

It’s the story of Caroline Baines, the aloof matriarch of an affluent English family, whose quiet life slowly unravels following an unnerving encounter with a mysterious woman, Anna, whom Caroline claims she does not know. Caroline is a distinguished dentist living with her husband Richard, an unfulfilled literary critic, and their two children—Emma and Andrew. A DVD, addressed to Caroline, arrives on their doorstep showing a disturbing scene of a swarm of locusts enveloping a naked man. Dismissed as a bizarre prank at first, events take a sinister turn when they receive anonymous and disconcerting phone calls at night, and a brick is hurled through their window.

While the police search for the culprits, Caroline suspects that Anna is responsible for the unsettling incidents at home and at her office, where Anna has made unannounced and disruptive visits punctuated by accusations that Caroline wronged her deeply in the past with impunity.

Despite maintaining her innocence of any past improprieties, Caroline’s once mundane existence unravels further amid an onslaught of seemingly random events, including the expulsion of Andrew from school and the sudden disappearance of Emma. With her marriage strained and her career upended, Caroline must confront Anna’s disquieting questions about her past and face the implications of her incessant denials.

“LOCUST FIELD” is a psychological tale about the denial and guilt embedded into the foundations of bourgeois existence. It explores the extent to which one is prepared to repress the memory of their past and the attending costs. The outcome is a naturalistic thriller redolent of Death and the Maiden and Hidden.

You can contact me via email, chudiokoye00@gmail, if you would like to read “LOCUST FIELD.”

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

C.C Okoye

The perils of repressed guilt

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