Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have kept tight-lipped about their relationship, even after dating for almost a year. It seems the only time they technically commented on their romance was when Kensington Palace publicly confirmed the two were dating in November. So while the royal is out promoting his Heads Together campaign on mental health, Sky News reporter Rhiannon Mills attempted to see if Harry would talk about his love life. (Spoiler alert: it did not turn out as planned.)

This is how the conversation went

Mills: “You seem in a really good place at the moment, you seem very focused on what you want to do, but you also seem to be very happy. Is that partly to do with having a lady in your life?”

Prince Harry: “”I think, I think the point that we’ve learnt over this campaign is that if you talk, if you’re able and comfortable enough to be able to talk about certain issues, certain experiences, then you come out of it a far better person.”


But Mills tried one more time. “But you’re in a good place at the moment?” she followed up, but Prince Harry dodged talking about his relationship once again. “Yeah, of course, I’m in a good place, we’re all in a good place, and we want the UK to be in a good place as well,” he responded.

Looks like we’re not going to get any personal accounts on his and Markle’s romance any time soon.

Prince Garry is too smooth

The couple at Round hill Jamaica

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