Poppy abstract home art print is a beautiful original art piece from slay my art using a combination of drawing and digital art. The background colour is a light peach, very true to the product image.

Slay my art smaller size art prints (A5, A4, A3 & Ikea 30×40) are all printed on 200-250gsm bright white coated matte card. Our larger size prints (A2, Ikea 40×50, 50×70, 61×91) are all printed on 180gsm uncoated white stock.

A5 – $282
A4 – $289
A3 – $297
A2 – $314
A1 – $357

To fit Ikea 30x30cm – $297
To fit Ikea 30x40cm – $297
To fit Ikea 40x50cm – $314
To fit Ikea 50x70cm – $357
To fit Ikea 61x91cm – $382

All prices include complimentary worldwide shipping.

BUY NOW (To fit Ikea 61x91cm only)

Instructions to purchase smaller sizes, click here and enter the size you require in the dialogue box and the title of this post. Slay Art Concierge will contact you shortly to complete your purchase.

Tall poppy Syndrome

In New Zealand, they have a thing called 'tall poppy syndrome,' which, you might not have heard of it, but it's essentially where - it happens in small populations usually, but can actually happen in the U.K. - where, if someone sticks out, they get their head cut off because they are being outside the ordinary or they are showing off.

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