At 2, kids are mostly concerned with their own needs and wants. That’s just how the world looks to 2-year-olds (and it doesn’t mean they’re spoiled). Things are likely to go more smoothly at a party with good adult supervision, not too many guests, and reasonable expectations.

At the age of 2, your child may be clingy one minute and freedom-seeking the next. While he happily plays alongside other children, your child won’t yet understand the give and take that’s a necessary part of interacting peacefully with other kids.
This means the party isn’t really about inviting other kids for your child’s enjoyment — that matters more as he gets older. It’s more about celebrating with people who are important to your family.
Because your toddler can’t yet put himself in another child’s shoes, he may hit, bite, or snatch toys from his guests. If you think this may be an issue, arm yourself with strategies for heading off aggression and encouraging sharing.
As she gets a little older, your toddler better understands how others think and feel and can behave accordingly.

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