She may have a reputation for being somewhat volatile and unpredictable, but in one key respect, supermodel Naomi Campbell is supremely steady. When it comes to romance, the 47-year-old British supermodel has a type: rich.

Ms Campbell, who has a tidy £45 million fortune of her own, has reportedly struck up a romance with yet another multi-millionaire — Louis C. Camilleri, the rather owlish looking Egyptian tobacco tycoon who is also a director of Ferrari.
Now 62 years old, Camilleri is the latest in a long line of wealthy suitors. Some of her boyfriends have been truly minted, with hot and cold running yachts and private jets, like the Russian property magnate Vladimir Doronin. Others, like American rapper Sean Combs, are merely filthy rich.
Naomi, who has never been married or had children, told an interviewer: ‘I want the same things as every other woman: the house, the kids, the lot. I know it must seem like there’s been this one continuous stream of famous boyfriends, but that’s really not the case.’
So who’s who on the Campbell Rich List, and why were none of these wealthy eligible bachelors her Mr Right?

Worth: £116million

Fluent in French, English and Italian, Camilleri was born in Egypt to Maltese parents. His father, who had an iron and steel business, sent him to boarding school in England. He graduated from the Swiss University of Lausanne in 1976, when Naomi was in her second year of primary school.
Camilleri spent decades working for the tobacco firm Philip Morris, eventually becoming CEO of Philip Morris International. At the time, Forbes magazine rated him the best rewarded executive in his sector, and noted a pay and perks package of £25 million one year.
A divorced father of three, he is said to have taken Ms Campbell on trips on his private jet and out for dinner in London.
A source said: ‘Naomi and Louis have been secretly dating for weeks. They’re all over each other when they’re out. Naomi likes to keep her relationships private and it is early days, but there’s a real spark between them. Their close friends are aware they’re dating.’

Worth: £1.2billion

Naomi enjoyed a rather public date with young, handsome Jameel at the BST Summertime concert in Hyde Park in July last year. They were pictured whispering and giggling like teenagers but it quickly fizzled out.
The Saudi businessman’s family own Abdul Latif Jameel, which owns the rights to sell Toyotas across the Middle East. He is now dating the pop star Rihanna — allegedly much to Ms Campbell’s annoyance.

Worth: £1.5billion

A fun-loving property magnate and close friend of actor Leonardo DiCaprio. His assets include a yacht, the Lady In Blue, a private jet, a spectacular space-age house in Moscow designed inside and out by the late British architect Zaha Hadid, a flat in Knightsbridge and a holiday home in Ibiza.
Doronin, now 54, and Naomi dated for five years after meeting at the Cannes Film Festival in spring 2008.
He was a generous beau. They spent time in the £10,000-a-night presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton Moscow, and he bought her a Zac Posen dress for £26,000 at a charity auction.
There were regular rumours of an engagement or wedding but there was a hitch: he was (and still is) married to Ekaterina. They separated in 1998 but have never divorced.

Worth: £600million

Naomi met Brazilian equity magnate Marcus Elias at a Vogue party in early 2008, and by February there were rumours that they were engaged.
They went to Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert in Hyde Park in June, and then spent the summer cruising around the Med, with stop-offs in St Tropez and Capri.
In 2016 he was banned from trading on the stock market by a Brazilian federal court following the collapse of his firm, Laep Investments.
Now being sued by wealthy former clients, 58-year-old Elias stands to lose his entire fortune.

Worth: £300million
Womanising hotelier Andre Balazs, now 60, was fresh out of a long romance with actress Uma Thurman when he charmed Naomi with a date in New York in May 2007.
Soon after, they went to her friend, model Kelly Bensimon’s birthday party as a couple.
But it didn’t last. The following month, actress Cameron Diaz was seen giving him a ‘neck rub’ at the Chateau Marmont, the legendary hotel that he owns, and at the end of the year came a dinner date with actress Renee Zellweger, after which they were reportedly seen slipping away to her apartment.

Worth: £2billion
Eton, Cambridge and Harvard- educated oil heir Badr al Jafar, who is a decade younger than the model, enjoyed a tempestuous ten months with Ms Campbell.
He was so enamoured with her that in 2006 he was said to have hired out all 18 floors of the Burj al Arab hotel to celebrate her 35th birthday, when he threw her a £1 million party.

Badr is one of two heirs to Crescent Petroleum, an oil firm operating from a Dubai HQ, and the oldest privately held energy company in the region.
But only two months after the flashy party, it was all over. There were reports (denied) of a towering row on board his yacht over what sort of food the chef was serving. Then Naomi was arrested soon after on suspicion of assault outside his house in London, no further action was taken, and the romance came to a swift end.

USHER: 2004
Worth: £140million

Singer Usher — nine years Naomi’s junior — dated her for three months in 2004 and they were seen together numerous times, including at the Billboard Music Awards where he picked up 11 prizes.
However, he dumped her after a few months, reportedly feeling: ‘bored’ of the model.
A friend, at the time, said: ‘Naomi’s been going around telling everyone that she was fed up being told what to wear and how to act when out with Usher.
‘She’s been saying his advisers took over the affair and were telling them where to go out and how to act in public.
‘It’s rubbish. The fact is Usher got bored and she was gutted when he stopped returning her calls.’

Worth: £50million

Valentino executive Marzotto, now 50, dated Naomi for eight months around the end of 2003.
He said: ‘You’ve got to be able to take her hits. She lashes out hard and often. She dealt me some terrible punches.’ He later said that he’d only been joking.
In 2013 he was indicted for avoiding tax on the sale of a percentage of the Valentino Fashion Group from the Marzotto family’s firm, ICG, to Permira, a private equity fund, for more than $1 billion.
He was later sentenced to 10 months in prison but appealed the conviction, the outcome of which is not known. The Marzotto group paid £50 million to settle with the authorities.

Worth: £636million

Singer, songwriter and seller of vodka and clothing, Sean Combs is also a noted ladies man. The couple, who are the same age, had a romance back when he was known as Diddy and she had finally broken up with Flavio Briatore.
Their affair was mentioned in the huge hit Cake By The Ocean by American pop band DNCE last summer.
The lyrics run ‘Walk for me baby, I’ll be Diddy and you be Naomi’ — a reference to the rumour that Combs would ask the model to do her catwalk strut for him when they met up.
The romance didn’t last. He was in a long on-off romance with Kim Porter from 1994 to 2007 and also reportedly dallied with British glamour model Alicia Douvall in 2002.

Worth: £200million

Flamboyant Flavio, known as Mr Bling, had an on-off affair with Naomi. He told an interviewer: ‘She’s great but better as a friend than a girlfriend.’
Naomi complained: ‘I’m not going to be a trophy. If you expect me to be in the kitchen cooking breakfast in high heels, looking as though I just stepped out of a fashion magazine, it’s not going to happen.’
Much time was spent aboard his £17 million yacht, the Force Blue. He has houses in New York and Mayfair, an estate in Kenya and a nightclub in Sardinia.
Now aged 67, he started his career running Benetton franchises before becoming manager of the Benetton Formula One racing team, which became the Renault team in 2002. He was forced to resign over race fixing at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix.

Worth: £5million
Spanish dancer Joaquin Cortes, 48, remains a superstar in Spain but briefly became the height of fashion globally in the mid-Nineties. Model Elle Macpherson called him ‘pure sex’ and Sting’s wife Trudie Styler once paid £6,800 for a pair of his dancing boots.
He and Naomi dated for nearly a year even though neither could speak the other’s language. She cooed: ‘He’s such a down-to-earth man who really likes simple values. Do I love him? Yeah.’
He said recently: ‘She was always very nice to me.’
She reportedly took an overdose after they had an argument when in Tenerife. Her solicitors, though, said that she had simply suffered an ‘allergic reaction to antibiotics’.

Worth: £1.09billion

The playboy Prince, now 58, met supermodel Naomi at a party at the Cannes Film Festival in 1995. They danced the night away and were in Paris a few weeks later to go to a Stones concert.
He then flew to London for a third date, and asked her to attend the Red Cross Ball in Monte Carlo with him.
But it was all over by the summer, with Naomi moving on to the first of two flings with Leonardo DiCaprio. Prince Albert married former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock in 2011 and they have two-year-old twins.

Worth: £115million

A whopping black diamond engagement ring was presented in May 1993 only three months after Naomi met Adam Clayton, U2’s bass guitarist and ten years her senior.
They first met backstage at the Brit Awards, got chatting later at a party in New York and ended up on a plane together where they sealed their attraction with a kiss. Both said that it was love at first sight. They announced their engagement live on Irish television in May. Naomi added that they ‘absolutely’ wanted to start a family.
In August, though, the wedding was cancelled, with pressures of work being blamed officially. Some friends said that they’d ‘got engaged too early’ and added: ‘Adam didn’t know what he was getting into.’
Worth: £310million
Sparks flew when the pair met at a Versace Aids benefit, but dates with actor Sylvester Stallone did not materialise into a lasting romance. Perhaps the three-times-married action hero, now 71, found her a trifle high maintenance, or perhaps he just wasn’t looking for a long-term girlfriend.

Model Janice Dickinson said in an interview that she recalled Stallone turning up at a fashion shoot to see Naomi. ‘He flirted outrageously with me behind Naomi’s back,’ she said. He and Dickinson later had a fling.

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