It is extremely sad to see western invested companies in Africa behave in despicable ways.

What makes it worse is the fact that such practices are done in Africa because they know fully well they can get away with it with no repercussion.

Jumia clearly states on its site that you can return items within 7 days of delivery.

Fact :
I have spent over 10 million Naira on Jumia over the past few years

I am one of Jumia’s first ever customers.

I received a size wise misrepresented fridge from Jumia with no official paperwork and no warranty leading to my decision to return the fridge within a day of receiving it.

Jumia declined the return with several notable threats in its email
One if you don’t accept our decision we will keep the fridge and still not refund you
Two your account has basically been flagged because you returned an item and hence you could be banned from returning any item in future or even shopping at all on Jumia.

I asked Jumia when I would get the fridge back , response was within seven days!!!

WOW! Jumia is exploiting Africans because we don’t have a loud enough voice.

I truly hope that African Governments sit up soonest and do something about protecting the consumer rights of its people.


Jumia places the return policy on their site so they can lure you into purchasing highly expensive products with a feeling of safety, when you attempt to do a return they pull the rug from under you. Be careful of this vile company.

Order from Jumia at your own damn risk!

Jumias refund response is riddled with down low threats

Source: @jumianigeria

I went to Instagram to reach Jumia and found many others suffering similar fates

Source: @jumianigeria

Jumia does not care about you

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Be careful of Jumia

Source: @jumianigeria

Ordering from Jumia could make you sick with stress

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Ordering from Jumia is a high risk game

Source: @jumianigeria

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