Dear princess three year old

While I can’t believe three years has past, I can believe you are three years old.  You’re growing and maturing into one of the smartest, sweetest, silly and lovely little girls.  Your smile and laugh is contagious and your imagination is fascinating to watch.  You love to play with your dolls/princesses/animals and talk to them to create stories. You will sit and draw and do “arts and cracks” for as long as we allow.  You love to take play dough and create outfits for your dolls and animals.
You’re the best big sister to Everett and always want to make him happy when he is upset.  You share your toys (most of the time) and even encourage him by showing him how to play with them.  Dance parties are still one of our favorite activities.  Everyone gets a wand and a crown and we dance around the living room.
You still have beautiful blonde hair but I see some traces of brown making their way through.  You still have your amazing, chubby cheeks that puff up when you smile.  I can still make out the baby in your face, which keeps me feeling calm that my little babe is still there.  I know you are growing and changing but time needs to slow down!

You love to pick out clothes and dress up.  Dress up dresses and tutus are your favorite right now-especially Cinderella and Sophia the First.  You almost always wake up, put on your clothes for the day and then ask to put on a dress up dress over it.  You love to dance and are enjoying ballet/tap classes.

You get dressed all by yourself.  You will come into our room in the morning completely ready for the day.  It’s amazing how much you’ve learned and how independent you are.  I often have to catch myself helping you and you’ll say “I can do it.”  I credit a lot of that to your personality and to how much you’ve learned in school.

Watching you sing “Let it Go” with Elsa at your Birthday party this weekend was the sweetest.  You looked like such a big girl.
I am so proud of what a wonderful little girl you’re becoming and I can’t wait for us to experience all sorts of new adventures together this coming year!
Love, Momma

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