Munduk Moding Plantation – Nature Resort and Spa, Bali is a luxury nature resort, spa and boutique hotel in North Bali on a working coffee plantation located close by Bali’s central lakes and Munduk hill station. The hillsides are covered with jungle, coffee trees, rice fields, and pretty much anything that grows on the island. With just a handful of villas and suites on some 5 hectares of land you can enjoy all this in privacy and genuinely relax far away from the crowds. Discover North Bali’s culture through the complementary daily activities which MMP provides. Sample their specialty coffees and learn how they grow, process and roast them.

Munduk Moding Plantation Bali is a mountain resort and set in the cool mountain air (please bring some warm clothes for the evening). Enjoy spectacular sunsets and stunning panoramas of the rice fields and coast line in the distance. The people of Munduk and Gobleg villages are involved as much as possible in caring for their guests. Munduk not only provide employment, but engage them in activities that maintain the tropical rainforest and preserve water. They also encourage the young villagers to keep their cultural heritage alive with traditional dance, music and crafts.

The Spa

The therapist will look after you, unwinding body and soul, with the heady scent of flowers and spices. The uniquely designed spa building is made of bamboo and alangalang. The interior and exterior blend with the uniquely beautiful nature, thanks to the use of local material and the manner in which the spa integrates with this privileged part of paradise.


Munduk Moding Coffee Plantation has affordable luxury accommodation in North Bali. All the private villas and public spaces are hidden away between the lush vegetation. A visitor’s first impression of the resort will be that of arriving in a coffee plantation. Designed by award winning Balinese architect, Popo Danes, the villas and suites at Munduk Moding Plantation marry key features of Balinese architecture with a modernist tradition, adapted to the environment of this hill

Come and enjoy the unspoiled natural beauty of North Bali in unparalleled luxury and privacy. Munduk Moding Plantation (MMP) has been named the best Eco-Luxury resort in Indonesia in 2016 by the World Luxury Hotels Association and their main pool was nominated by Asia Spa as one of the best 10 Infinity pools in the world in 2014.

Location: Jalan Raya Asah Gobleg Banjar Dinas Asah Desa Gobleg
Kecamatan Banjar Buleleng
Singaraja 81152 Bali

+62 (0) 81 138 5059  
     +62 (0)81 138 10 123
     +62 (0)88 736 03 021


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Enjoy the most spectacular views we've ever seen

It is indeed something different

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.

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Wild flowers

Source: By Cicipic

Evokes images of tranquility, timelessness and renewal

An untouched landscape that seems purposefully designed as art

Hypnotized by the view of twin lakes situated next to the resort

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In the Clouds


Source: By sergey_ vitalevich

A journey into deep relaxation

Into a place where time stops and you can enjoy the silence and peace of nature. The Nature resort is away from all the touristy places, therefore it's perfect for your private retreat. Enjoy all this in privacy and genuinely relax far away from the crowds.

Source: By Pukhalina

There is a moment just before sunset

When everything lightens into soft colors and tones and ordinary things become poetic and rare

Believe in the healing power of nature

Fresh air, relaxation and slowing down. The hillsides at Munduk are covered with jungle, coffee trees, rice fields and pretty much anything that grows on the island. With just a handful of villas and suites on some 5 hectares of land you can enjoy all this in privacy and genuinely relax far away from the crowds.

Bird view of Munduk Moding Plantation

Located at 1250m above sea level in the mountains of North Bali. Enjoy unspoiled natural beauty, unparalleled luxury and privacy.

Source: By Goran Olsson

A place where love can flourish undisturbed

For reservations see details in description

The Famous Ulun Danu Temple

No Balinese vacation would be complete without experiencing some of the unique cultural and natural attractions that North Bali is so generously blessed with.

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From here to infinity

Witness a spectacular sunset with alternating shades of orange at Munduk Moding Plantation

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A nature getaway where time stands still

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Let's grab a blanket, run away and watch the stars

Beauty and grace of the night!

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The first moments of each day are really precious.

It's a time where we can influence how we are going to think, act and respond for the rest of the day, so it makes sense to make that time positive and inspiring. Start your day with a practice and you'll be more calm and balanced for the day ahead. The new bamboo Shala at Munduk Moding Plantation is perfect for morning yoga or meditation. There is nothing more calming and relaxing than sounds of nature, fresh mountain air and morning stillness of the mind.

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Work of art by Mother Nature

A wonderful picture of clouds over the pool at Munduk

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Bamboo hall

Made uniquely from bamboo wig foundations of river stone, designed by Era Anastasia constructed with the help of the green school Bali builders in Ubud. This venue is used for coffee demonstrations by the munduk coffee Bali team as well as for yoga and dance. The Munduk troupe practice here every Sunday morning, guests are free to join in. Located in the middle of the garden amongst the coffee trees the views of the jungle and sea are excellent

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Arch of elegance and harmony

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Your journey to relaxation behind at Munduk Moding Plantation

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The one bedroom villa

This is the most private and luxurious place to stay at Munduk Moding Plantation, designed for couples who are looking for a truly tranquil treat in absolute privacy. You will have about 110 m2 of private living space made of noble and natural materials. You can relax with your loved one at your private pool while enjoying the sunset and the sounds and smells of nature. The views from the villa, the terrace and pool are of the rolling hills and the Jaca sea -they are unsurpassed. The one bedroom villa comprises a generous living and dining room, a separate bedroom and a heated swimming pool with its own palimanan stone terrace set in a separate compound with its own collection of flowers and indigenous plants and waited upon by a private butler. Breakfast ( and any other meal should you so wish) will be served in the dining room with stunning views of mountains, volcanoes, orchards and the skyline and private butler service is available throughout your stay.

Banyumala twin waterfall

Situated just around the corner of the Munduk plantation. One of the most scenic falls in Bali allowing for a fresh swim. A favorite hike for Munduk guests

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Snooze away in nature

Flower bath

At a pool villa

Take off for Java from the infinity pool

At one of the private villas in MMP. Between the girls you can see the Mount Ijen Volcano

The new bamboo hall exterior

Dusk at the plantation

For those who are tired of swimming

The restaurant is not far off

Nighttime view of the Mimpi restaurant and pool

The home temple

Overlooking lake Beratan( one of Balis signature temples). Just one of the many fascinating sites in the immediate vicinity of MMP.

Source: Radoslawpujan

The stunning lighted pathways at MMP

A coffee demonstration at Munduk Moding Plantation

How do you like your coffee? Freshly brewed please

Such a lucky day

Balinese hummingbird! Locals believe that this bird symbolizes the enjoyment of life and lightness of being. There is nothing more rewarding as spending your weekend closer to nature.

Source: pissaro_tattoo

Sunsets at MMP

what a way to finish a relaxing day.

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