We are loving this colorful Bambini cook book Micahs Meals.

Micahs Meals is more than just a cookbook; it is the quintessential guide to your baby’s important first years of feeding. With over 170 easy, nutritious and tasty recipes, each with a full nutritional breakdown, it also includes health safety tips and weaning advice.

This wonderful bambini cookbook was written by Amaka Benson in collaboration with Nutritional Therapist Rosie Letts, founder of Bump and Beyond Nutrition.
From the introduction of solid foods at 6 months, Micahs Meals provides information on taste, texture and what foods to avoid in order to help make the transition to family meals super easy for your little one. To keep things simple for parents, Micahs Meals also includes weekly menu plans and tips for cooking in bulk, so you dont have to spend hours every day cooking. With the menu plans as your guide, you can make dishes in batches and store a variety of nutritious, tasty meals.

Many of the recipes can be adapted to feed older children and even adults-just serve without pureeing. Likewise, some of the recipes for toddlers can be modified into meals that can be enjoyed by younger babies.

Micashs Meals is an invaluable guide that is suitable for both the novice and experienced cook.

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Homemade fruitsicles

Colors of the rainbow, homemade with love...suitable for babies from 6 months or 4+ months(if your pediatrician or nutritionist gives the ok to wean before 6 months) Get the cook book link in description.

Source: Micah's meals

Really gorgeous cookbook

If your looking for the perfect cook book for your Bambini this the one. This amazing book is filled with lots of exciting recipes, from fruit salad puree to jollof risotto, it is the perfect addition to any parent or carers kitchen.

Source: Micah's meals

Basic scrambled eggs

Suitable for babies from 6+ months (after your bambini has accepted their first taste of fruits and veggies). Scrambled eggs are a great finger food for your baby. Some benefits of finger foods include: develops your little ones feeding skills, fine motor skills and coordination, sensory processing, development of jaw strength as well as development of tongue movements. Find out more at Micahs meals, link in description.

Icecream, we all scream for icecream

Getting your bambini to eat fruit and vegetables can be a real challenge. Micahs Meals, share funny, yummy and easy ways to incorporate fruits and veggies in your little ones diet. This yummy ice cream dessert was made in less than 2 minutes with 3 ingredients only. Your bambini will love it. Find out more at Micahs Meals, link in description

Delish Sweet potato brownies

This is a great recipe to sneak in veggies for fussy bambinis. Another veggie you can add to this brownie recipe is courgette. Find out more amazing tips at Micahs Meals link in description

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Source: Micah's meals

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