Dominate the Road: Unleash the Power of the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG BRABUS 800 – Own It Now!

Are you ready to make a statement that shouts POWER every time you hit the throttle? Listen up, warriors, because I’ve got the ultimate beast on sale – the Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG BRABUS 800. This isn’t just a vehicle, it’s a mobile throne for those who demand to rule the roads with iron-fisted authority.

The G-Wagon by itself is a legend, a symbol of status that says you’ve transcended the usual luxuries. But brace yourself; this isn’t just any G-Wagon. This is the BRABUS 800, the crescendo of engineering and raw mechanical muscle. Think I’m exaggerating? Let’s break it down.

Picture this: A monstrous twin-turbo V8 engine growling beneath a bespoke hood, tweaked and tuned to deliver a pavement-cracking 800 horsepower. That’s like strapping rockets to a tank – and you’d be the commander.

Step inside, and you’re not just sitting in a car; you’re ensconced in an opulent fortress, surrounded by fine leather and custom details that scream ‘ELITE.’ The luxury doesn’t politely whisper; it roars with the intensity of the hand-crafted engine under your command.

Now, I’m talking about a machine that takes no prisoners. Zero to 60 in a blink – under 4.1 seconds. With the BRABUS 800, you’re not moving; you’re teleporting through a world where lesser cars part ways like the Red Sea. Dominance? Absolutely.

But it’s not merely what’s under the hood or the extravagance that drenches the interior. It’s about the presence you’ll command. Pull up in a BRABUS 800, you’re not just arriving; you’re making an entrance that will be etched in the minds of the onlookers forever.

Think of it – every fiber of this G-Wagon has been steeped in a philosophy where compromise doesn’t exist. That’s BRABUS. That’s the hallmark of a winner, someone who won’t settle for second best.

And the best part? This symbol of power, luxury, and absolute dominance is now up for grabs. Trust me, the BRABUS 800 isn’t a purchase; it’s an investment in the kind of life reserved for those who dare to live without limits.

For those with the will to take control, to steer their destiny with confidence – This is your chariot. Do you have what it takes to handle this kind of power? To let the purr of the engine reverberate with your legacy?

The Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG BRABUS 800 is for sale. Not just a car, but a testament to what happens when unbridled ambition meets unapologetic luxury.

Time is of the essence. Vehicles like this don’t wait around. They’re claimed, much like victories, by the bold. Are you ready to join the ranks of the road royals?

Reach out. Seize the reins of this colossus. And when you do, remember this – you’re not buying a car; you’re igniting a revolution on wheels.

Lebel up to slay club world concierge now, and let’s talk domination.


Offer Number: 24G0073
Color: Obsidian Black 197
Upholstery: Chilly Red +Black
Mileage: 50 km
Seats: 5
Transmission: Automatic
Drive: Petrol
Capacity: 3,982 cm³
Power (kW): 588 kW
Power (PS): 799 PS
Emission Standard: Euro 6d-TEMP
Fuel Consumption (in town): 22.6 l/100 km*
Fuel Consumption (out of town): 14.1 l/100 km*
Fuel Consumption (comb.): 16.4 l/100 km*
CO₂ Emissions (comb.): 373 g/km*
CO₂ Efficiency Rating: G


Worldwide Delivery

* Color: Obsidian Black
* Upholstery: Customized Interior Chilly Red +Black
* Wheels: 24 Inch BRABUS Monoblock Z Wheels


X23 Model Year 2024
EU8 Burmester® 3D surround sound system
FR2 Ambient lighting showcased
J25 Full digital display
JS1 360° camera (Surround View)
P56 AMG Night package
HA1 Fresh Air package
P72 Energizing comfort control
P76 Exclusive Line Interior
P82 Anti Theft Protection Package Plus
PA8 Parking package
PAZ Extended Exterior AMG Night Package
PK2 Active Multicontour Seat package Plus
PT1 Engineering package
U88 AMG Drive Unit
W72 Privacy glass
09U Vehicle Monitoring (HERMES)
8U8 iSize marking (ISOFIX successor)
A20 Adjustable damping
A53 Active Lane Keeping Assist
C59 Door sills at front in stainless steel
EA2 Blind Spot Monitoring
EK0 Emergency call system
EK1 HERMES communications module LTE
EM0 Live Traffic capability (HERMES)
EM3 Pre install rear seat entertainment
EM4 Driver Assistance package Plus
EV1 Smartphone integration
EV3 CarPlayTM
EV4 Google Automotive
EZ9 Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC
F15 Electric sunroof, glass version
G44 AMG Speedshift Plus 9G
JA9 Traffic Sign Assist
JC0 Instrument panel, leather covered
JW8 Attention Assist
K81 Fuel tank with larger capacity
L57 IHC Light
SF1 Seat comfort functions
SH1 Sidebags in the rear bench seat
U01 Rear seat belt status indicator
U78 Switchable exhaust system
Y50 Loading sill protector at rear
Y78 Scratch resistant clear coat
YF9 Integral garage door opener

* BRABUS Options:


* POWER: 588 kW (800 hp) series: 430 kW (585 hp)

* BRABUS Valve controlled sports exhaust system
* BRABUS Engine bonnet add on in carbon fibre
* BRABUS Double B insert for front grille
* BRABUS Special painting of various plastic parts and sidesteps
* BRABUS Brake design in orange
* BRABUS Monoblock Z wheels Platinum Edition
* BRABUS Shift paddles
* BRABUS Entrance panels with new RGB LED technology (4 piece)
* BRABUS Aluminum pedal pads BRABUS doorlock pins aluminum
* BRABUS Rooflights add on with LED
* BRABUS Carbon Spare wheel cover

* Fine leather customized Interior in Chilly Red & Black
* Consisting of: front and rear seats incl. headrests
* Perforation for vented seats
* Seat back cover of front seats in leather
* Lover seat cover for front seats in leather
* 4 door panels with storage boxes in leather
* Dashboard upper section in in mandarin
* Dashboard lower section incl. glove compartment
* Middle console incl. armrest in leather
* Cover for rear door, upper part in leather
* Cover for rear door, lower part in leather
* Eteering wheel outer section in leather
* Steering wheel airbag in leather
* Steering wheel back in leather

Includes complimentary worldwide shipping

Finders/concierge fee
3% of final property price paid within three working days of successful conclusion to any Slay Network nominated account.

Slay Concierge Purchase note

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Step inside, and you’re not just sitting in a car; you're ensconced in an opulent fortress, surrounded by fine leather and custom details that scream 'ELITE.' The luxury doesn’t politely whisper; it roars with the intensity of the hand-crafted engine under your command. Time is of the essence. Vehicles like this don't wait around. They're claimed. Are you ready to join the ranks of the road royals?

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