Men's luxury silver boots

Men’s luxury silver boots

Put your best foot forward in these super stylish limited edition couture Men’s luxury silver boots from slay my shoes.

Each shoe comes with matching belt and premium luxury shoe kit.

Luxury Shoe Care Kit Components

Two (2) Polishing Brushes available in Brown and Natural Colors => Sophisticated polishing thanks to the tightly stitched real horsehair bristles. It is the ideal choice for polishing your high-quality shoes, especially those with a high-shine finish. Equipped with a wooden body and tightly stitched horsehair bristles the polishing brush offers extraordinary shoe care.
Two (2) Premium Cream Brushes available in Brown and Natural Colors => Features real horsehair bristles for even distribution. Proper care and maintenance are crucial to preserving your shoe’s smoothness and shine over the years. The premium cream brush is ideal for even shoe cream application.
Suede Natural Brush => Fine rubber comb of our suede brush will gently brush away dust or dirt from velour.
Four (4) Premium Shoe Creams – Black, Navy, Neutral and Brown colors => Shoe cream cleans, nourishes and protects shoes while refreshing shoe colors. Without proper care, leather gradually becomes stiff and brittle. Shoe cream replenishes lost nutrients to the shoe upper.
Shoe Protector Spray => The shoe protector spray cleans and waterproofs leather, removing dust and dirt.
Suede Protector => Nourishes, protects and revives rough leather. Suede and nubuck are premium types of rough leather. Both require proper care to remain in mint condition. Use the suede protector to nourish and protect your precious rough leather. As an added bonus, this product also revives shoe color.
Shoe Polishing Cloth => square shoe polishing cloth is used to apply shoe cream and shoe wax to the shoe upper. Alternatively, it can be used to polish the shoe.
Short Wooden Shoe Horn. Quickly and comfortably put on your shoes with this 16-centimeter-long shoe horn made of wood. Its small size makes it excellent for travel

Price: €1609
Includes complimentary worldwide shipping.

Delivery estimate: 8-10 weeks


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Men's luxury silver boots

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