Meet the house that tilts and turns powered by Solar

“Casas em Movimento” is a project of sustainable architecture, authored by Manuel Vieira Lopes, selected from over one hundred projects worldwide to represent Portugal in the largest exhibition of sustainable and efficient housing in the world – Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE).

Turning sunlight into energy would be a lot easier if the Earth weren’t constantly spinning.
Because solar panels work best when they’re directly facing the sun–which happens only for a short period each day–most of the time, a significant amount of solar power falls by the wayside. To help solve this problem, Portugal-based design project Casas em Movimento(Houses in Motion) has come up with a revolutionary design using a rotating house whose photovoltaic roof follows the sunthroughout the day, Fast Company reports. The interior of the house even has a section that stays stationary at all times, allowing you change and customize the layout throughout the day depending on how you want to use the space.

Casas em Movimento’s solar panels produce about five times as much energy as the house needs, resulting in excess power that an owner could sell back to the utility grid. 

Architects have built the first house to use the design in the Portuguese city of Matosinhos. The project’s creator, Manuel Vieira Lopes, professor of architecture at Portugal’s University of Porto, is currently seeking potential buyers for a prototype version of the home. (A home just over 1,000 square feet would cost around 500,000 euros.) To see how the design works, check out the video here.

Address: Rua de Goa 2, 4450-023 Matosinhos
Country: Portugal
Telephone: +351 917 518 390
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Meet the house that tilts and turns powered by Solar

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Meet the house that tilts and turns powered by Solar

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