Mastri Flavetta Fine

Mastri Flavetta Fine Restaurant al Castello San Marco

One of the best restaurants in Sicily.

This incredible fine Restaurant serves Italian, European food. Their Specialty is seafood, hence it is highly vegetarian friendly.

We are pretty sure that the wine card could impress any sommelier. We also would like to mark the great choice of Italian dishes – by description everything is worth being tasted 🙂
We recommend ravioli and lemon ice cream they are beyond delicious.

The restaurant is inside the Castello San Marco hotel in Sicily. Worth a try too see a few photos below.

Open hours : 7pm to 10pm


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Beautiful scrumptious food

Fine dining in Italy

Seafood bonanza

Sushi is always a good idea

Located at the San Marco Hotel

Castello San Marco Sicily

Seafood never looked so good

Absolutely divine

Charming hotel and Spa

Source: Castello San Marco Sicily


Mastri Flavetta Fine

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