Slay my shades is a fashionistas haven where you’ll find the world’s most bespoke couture eyewear. It is a concept, an idea to which everyone is called to express themselves through a brand that aims to interact with the client in developing a product that is born and develops on the basis of their personality. So be creative, proactive, expressive, be one of those who reinvents themselves, be one of those for which it’s never too late to be the one!

The challenge lies in proposing values of aesthetics, culture, socialization, identity and emotion through a handmade in eyewear proposal focused on the possibility of designing unique and distinctive models.
To ensure quality and value, these eyewear are produced, packaged and individually processed by using Italian hand-finishing techniques and craftsmanship, making them unique and original.

The artisans and designers at Slay my shades are consistently researching for new finishes, materials, colours and details that go to enrich and complete each new collection. 

Luxury, elegance and style are based on a subjective experience, what matters is nothing more than the feeling that the person looks for in a product. This is not mere ostentation, but rather a unique experience, individual and particular.

See below some of our favorite mix and match looks from slay my shades. it can be really difficult to find the perfect gift for a Slay Queen, These looks are sure to impress any Slay Queen.

Slay Concierge are including a complimentary customized package which includes couture chokers for those fashionistas who truly want to be outstandingly different.

Concierge Prices:

Sparkling Rose in pink : $1207.5
Sparkling Rose in pink with Magenta choker and matching earrings and head wrap: $2391.55 ( choker Magenta, Wrap pink)

Sparkling Blue in turquoise : $1207.5
Sparkling Rose in turquoise with blue choker ,matching earrings and head wrap: $2391.55 ( choker blue , Wrap blue)

Jardin Rosier in Red : $1537
Jardin Rosier in Red with choker and head wrap: 1634.62 ( choker color red with matching earrings , wrap red.)

Fringed Galaxy: $1228.5
Fringed Galaxy with choker and head wrap :$2541.47 ( choker and matching earrings white, wrap color silver)

Winged Royal in blue: $1150
Winged Royal in blue with choker: $1710.84
( choker and matching earrings blue head wrap blue)

Complimentary worldwide VIP shipping included.

Email concierge at to get the look

Winged Royal in blue with choker And matching earrings

Sparkling rose in pink

Jardin Rosier and Sparkling rose

Fringed Galaxy

Jardin Rosier in red

The spectacular Jardin Rosier

This is not mere ostentation

Crystallized fringe choker in magenta

Always keep it unique

A stunning look for Slay queens

Head wrap slayage

Sparkling blue and fringed choker

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