The evolution of a Slay My Beachwear swimsuit, from inception to delivery, is a complex long process. The journey takes you from Slay Network studios in London, to the fabric mills in Bergamo, Northern Italy, all the way to a family run factory in Istanbul. The creative process, along with the rigorous craftsmanship that goes into designing and producing each Slay My Beachwear swimsuit just for you is something that brings immense pride to both you the wearer and the brand.

It starts with The choice of raw materials from the mills. The critical ingredient to ensure optimum comfort and durability in a modest swimsuit is the elastomer. In the Slay Network Bergamo mills, the finest patented elastomeric fibres available in the market is used Рthese fibres offer high quality protection from UV rays, four times the protection provided by high SPF suncreens. Additionally, the swimsuits (or as some may call them, Burkinis) incorporate beachwear fabrics which, thanks to their innovative construction, are sand resistant. Slay my beachwear ensure that swimwear fabric colours maintain their intensity and clarity over time. Every new colour added to the collection is tested to assure the highest colour fade resistance when the fabrics are exposed to light, repeated washings, sea and chlorinated water, in compliance with ISO and US certifications.

Finally, slay my beachwear swimwear fabrics are exposed to vigorous physical and visual testing before being authorised for use by the fabric team.

The factory is audited at least once a year to ensure the highest workplace standards.

The entire suit is hand stitched to ensure the correct tension in the stitches is achieved. Before each product leaves the nest, quality control teams inspect every swimsuit by hand, guaranteeing that no detail is overlooked. Loose threads are cut, stains removed and any fabric faults repaired. Each swimsuit is then hand-pressed, ironed and individually wrapped before being delivered to you.

This is not your run of the mill e-commerce, this is art, a lifestyle, something to be cherished and coveted!

Size: Custom

Price: $742
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This is not your run of the mill e-commerce, this is art, a lifestyle, something to be cherished and coveted!

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