Following the rollercoaster ride of Black Panther, Lupita Nyong’o seems to have caught the superhero bug as she’d be more than happy to land her own standalone film.

Asked whether she’d be up for a return to the epic and fantastical world of Wakanda for her own stint in the spotlight, the 35-year-old actress simply replied: ‘Yes ma’am!’
We’ll take that as a resounding yes – so Kevin Feige, take note.

The Oscar-winning star, who gained international fame for her role in 12 Years A Slave, said that she adored Nakia’s ‘lone wolf’ persona, and, in fact, she admires a fair few other things about King T’Challa’s lady love.
‘I liked the fact she’s this independent woman and a lone wolf with a real sense of loyalty to the country,’ explained the actress, during a talk with OK magazine. ‘I love that she’s stealthy and goes under the radar and has all these skills.’
Lupita trained hard for her role and admitted doing her own stunts left her feeling like she could achieve anything.
Asked what she loved most about Black Panther, she said that it had been the chance to ‘do things I never thought I’d be able to’ that really stuck with her.

She explained: ‘I loved [doing the stunts]. That was one of my reasons for wanting to be in a movie like that – it’s a physical, emotional, spiritual and philosophical workout. It was so much fun.’
Lupita won’t be appearing on-screen in Avengers: Infinity War (as far as we know), and is currently focusing on other projects, including her role in the Star Wars franchise.
However, Nakia’s return is almost assured thanks to the fact that there will be a Black Panther sequel – and Ryan will more than likely be at the helm of it.
We’re counting down the days already.

By Metro UK

She burst into the MCU as Chadwick Boseman’s on-screen love interest, the Wakandan warrior/spy Nakia.

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