Kim Kardashian’s Instagram is a force of nature, with posts that average a whopping one million likes and a slick photo grid. However earlier today, she was catapulted into a new realm of social media fame when she hit 100 million followers.

As the sixth person in the entire world to achieve the milestone, she joins the ranks of megastars like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Cristiano Ronaldo. Selena Gomez however still holds the throne for the most followed person on the platform with a whopping 120 million users subscribed to her feed. That doesn’t compare to the official Instagram account though, which almost doubles her with a following of 223 million.

She took to Twitter to announce the milestone, ‘Can’t believe I reached 100 million Instagram followers, all thanks to YOU!’ before redirecting her fans to a postabout her most popular Instagrams ever. Her youngest son, Saint West, features in all of them with his older sister North and musician husband Kanye West making an appearance.

And how did she celebrate on Instagram? With a photo of a grinning North West with a Harry Potter wand in hand, followed closely by a brand deal with a smartphone case company. NEVER CHANGE KIM K.

By Marie Claire

She has no clue what followers means

But she's excited because mama's excited

Slaylebrity squad


Star mama and Dada

A new phone deal for kim

To celebrate reaching 100 m followers she's giving away 100 lumee cases. Go to @lumeecase on Instagram to find out how to get one

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