We love Klaudia Owczarek’s makeup work.

The 21 yr old Makeup artist is known both for her colorful eye makeup tutorials and unique special effects makeup. Her YouTube channel, Klaudia.Owczarek, has more than 20,000 subscribers. She is also particularly known on Instagram where her unique bodily creations have earned her more than 170,000 followers.

Her Instagram account originally began as a way to share personal photos and her unique nail designs. 
One of her most popular YouTube videos is “POLISH NYX FACE AWARDS TOP 20 “NATURE GODDESS” posted in April 2017. 
Family Life
In September 2015, she posted an Instagram photo with her then boyfriend captioned simply “Paris.” 
Associated With
In June 2017, she got to meet Kat Von D and posted a photo with her on Instagram. 

Checkout some of her most unique work below. Which one is your favourite ?

A Sexy look

New Year's Eve classic cutcrease P R O D U C T S @evelinecosmetics -foundation 040 and 020 -NUDE palette (metallic shadow: 2) -contour sensation 3in1 01 -lipstick Aqua Metallic 800

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek

Blue love

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek

Pinkie pastels

@limecrimemakeup wisteria and dope diamond crushes

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek

Metallic gold

B R O W S @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow ebony E Y E S @hudabeauty electric obsessions @urbandecaycosmetics midnight cowboy @smashboxcosmetics glitter @inglot_cosmetics pigment 306 L A S H E S @lillylashes miami G L O W @hudabeauty pink sands C O N T O U R @toofaced chocolate soleil L I P S @hudabeauty girlfriend and @smashboxcosmetics glitter on top

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek

Smokey eye love

B R O W S @anastasiabeverlyhills #browdefiner dark chocolate E Y E S @hudabeauty #smokeyobsessions and #electricobsessions palette @nyxcosmetics white liquid liner @kryolanofficial uv aqua palette L A S H E S @lillylashes mykonos L I P S @sephoracollection love love lipstories E A R R I N G S @fawnstar_

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek

Orange is the new black

B R O W S @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow ebony E Y E S @hudabeauty desert dusk and electric obsession L A S H E S @hudabeauty farah L I P S @limecrimemakeup squash G L O W / C O N T O U R @smashboxcosmetics sculpting cheek palette inspo @bybrookelle

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek


B R O W S @nablacosmetics brow pomade Neptune E Y E S @anastasiabeverlyhills all star, roxy, red ochre, venetian red, eden, saturn, sphere, eternal, obsidian @sephorapolska black liquid eyeliner L I P S @anastasiabeverlyhills heathers G L O W @anastasiabeverlyhills Nicole glow kit L A S H E S @lillylashes goddess

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek

Trophy wife

B R O W S @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow ebony E Y E S @hudabeauty smokey obsession @urbandecaycosmetics midnight cowboy L A S H E S @lillylashes miami L I P S @hudabeauty trophy wife and shameless C H O K E R @nakdfashion

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek

Bright eyes and nude lips

Inspired by extremely talented @staceymariemua B R O W S @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow taupe and ebony E Y E S @inglot_cosmetics pigment 306 @kyliecosmetics holiday palette @kikomilano asian black pencil @morphebrushes 24G palette L A S H E S @lillylashes Miami L I P S @sephorapolska 33 liquid matte G L O W / C O N T O U R @smashboxcosmetics

Source: By @klaudia.owczarek

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