Do you struggle with entertaining your guests? These kitchen tricks will make cooking so much easier.

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Because Oven baked Baked sweet potatoes is delicious with fruit

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Because cooking in heels is sexier

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Use Two plates to safely cut a lot of tomatoes at once

Lay the tomatoes you wish to slice in half on a small plate. Place another plate on top and then run a very sharp knife through the gap between the two plates, holding the top plate securely with your other hand. Voila! Tons of tomatoes cut at one time with all 10 fingers accounted for!

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Serve icecream with a knife not a scoop

Next time you're serving ice cream at a party throw the scoop away. Just dip the closed ice cream container into a large bowl of hot water from the tap for 15-30 seconds, remove the lid, and invert onto a large platter or wood cutting board, then slice the servings with a hot knife.

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Use a hot knife to slice cake perfectly

Run your knife underneath the hot water from the tap, dry it off with a towel, and then cut your cake. You may need to re-heat the knife a couple times throughout the process but it works like a charm, especially on thick, rich cakes, like this SoNo Chocolate Ganache Cake.

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Open jars instantly with a bottle opener

Gently lift the edge of the jar's lid until you hear the seal pop, and then unscrew like normal.

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Form cookie dough into balls and freeze them so you have ready-to-bake, homemade cookies available at all times

Next time you make a batch of cookies, freeze the leftover dough into ready-to-bake cookie balls. You will always have fresh-baked cookies just 10 minutes away, which is both incredibly wonderful and insanely dangerous.

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Make mini taco bowls using an upside-down cupcake tin.

If you have a muffin tin and tortillas, mini taco bowls are just a few steps away! Just flip the muffin tin over, shape your bowls with a tortilla, and bake!

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Keep brown sugar from getting hard by throwing a piece of bread into the container

Want to know how to keep your brown sugar soft as the day you opened the package? Throw a piece of bread into the container. Yep, that's it. The bread magically keeps the sugar soft, and never gets moldy or gross

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Freeze broth in ice cube trays to keep a big container from going bad.

Why food companies insist on selling chicken, beef, and veggie broth in 32-ounce containers may forever be a mystery. Instead of letting the rest of the broth go to waste, just pour leftover broth into an ice cube tray, freeze, and then store in an airtight container. Two cubes is about ¼ cup and the broth will always be ready when you are.

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