L’Heure Luxe was created after years of industry experience. During this time the creators learnt a lot about the industry and products out there.  The creators love watches, however they found that the latest trend in online watch brands were under delivering on product quality, and the more popular Swiss Brands offered high quality yet at a premium price. They wanted to be the brand that did things right by the consumer.

First and foremost they set out to produce watches that they wanted for themselves. Timeless Styles, high quality materials and craftsmanship, at a more affordable price – offering unrivalled value.

We believe this automatic watch does just that, taking both the company and product range to a whole new level.

The Automatic watch will be produced and assembled by hand in Bienne, Switzerland.
At the ateliers, precise work done by hand is at the heart of the watchmaking skills. The watchmakers have been extensively trained and are professionals in their field. Each watch is assembled, controlled and packaged manually. This is how the creators guarantee the ‘Swiss Made’ quality of their watches. In this way every L’Heure Luxe watch bears honour to the Swiss watchmaking tradition.

When Will It Be Available?
There a few variables (Movement availability being the main factor), they hope to start production as early as Q3 2019 and will start taking pre-orders. It will be a limited run but if they don’t sell out they will be available on the website middle of 2020.

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A true Swiss watch

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