Usher your home into the 21st century with this collection of levitating plates, pillows, plants, and gravity defying works of art.

Whether it’s the jewelry pillow made from the finest white leather or sculptures that are each individually 3D printed from the highest quality glossy resin, take pride in these pieces made from only the best materials.

Thanks to the power of electromagnetic suspension technology, it’s able to levitate your desired object effortlessly. Simply power it on, align your object, and sit back in awe as it weightlessly rotates in space.

Each base comes with a proprietary Levitation Assist Plate, which will allow you–or any of your friends–to levitate our products effortlessly the first time you try it.

More uses:

Let your imagination guide your décor.
Want to take advantage of its gentle rotation to freshen up your home? Just fill your decor with potpourri, or set some freshly baked desserts on your levitating plate and set it spinning. The aroma will fill the room.  
Want to create a romantic candle lit evening? Try adding an e-candle to a vase and watch the light flicker through the structure.

Concierge prices
Levitating plant: $1920.1
Skeletal Coral: $1462.4
Skeletal leaf: $1462.4
Buddha :$1462.4
Levitating pillow: $1216.1
Levitating plate: $1173.76
Levitating cup: $1116.1

Color base: black, white or chrome
Choose wireless or wired

Contact concierge to get any of the above at:

Skype: slaynetwork

Levitate Everything

Adorable levitating plant-limited edition

Levitating plant

Levitating pillow

Levitating plate

Levitating glass

Skeletal Coral

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