From afar, the spherical piece looks like a traditional globe, but on closer inspection, the leather has been engraved with a selection of Baroque motifs, bringing a rich and layered antique aesthetic to the sculpture.
The black leather lends the globe a tactile touch which enhances its old-world appearance. The natural material has been beautifully treated and finished for a gently polished appearance that highlights the engraving.
Evoking the spirit of a cabinet of curiosities, Objet de Curiosite’s collection is a beautifully curated selection of antique-inspired accessories to accent any room. Pair a couple of complementary pieces amid books on a shelf or display as a centrepiece on a coffee table.

Estimated delivery:6-8 weeks


Width 12cm x Depth 12cm x Height 23cm


Concierge price: $632.72

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Bring the spirit of the explorer’s study into your spaces with this beautifully finished baroque globe.

I world define baroque as that style that deliberately exhausts its own possibilities

The baroque is the final stage in all art, when art Flaunts and squanders its resources

My look is either very baroque or very zen, anything in between makes me itch

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