I’m in that abundant sensual space again!!!

Learning some naughty Russian words from Kira Queen
Women who do porn are very passionate. There’s a reason they chose that line of work. It’s a fun, sexy outlet for them to unleash their seductive energy and live out their personal fantasies through their art.

I’ve been chatting online with one of my favorite erotic models for a few days now. She goes by the name Kira Queen. She is an outstanding woman, so intelligent and cultured. It’s such a pleasure to get to know her. I feel very privileged to have her attention. It makes me feel good that she also finds me intriguing and attractive. Although I didn’t expect to, we started having a connection and our interactions online began to get intimate.

She asked if I wanted to do a sexy video call sometime and I agreed. Only, I wasn’t comfortable with the video part. I have high reservations about showing my naked body online, especially to a model. I find it quite intimidating, which is why I admire them so much. Also, I’m just more into phone sex because I unfortunately have a very short attention span. I would easily get lost in watching her and forget what I was doing. She told me no one’s ever suggested just talking. I was surprised at first, but when I thought about it, I’m sure it had a lot to do with our obsession with technology. Not many people want to use their imagination anymore.

“I’ve actually never done that,” she said.

“Never?” I asked curiously. “Well, you’re in for a treat. It’s one of my favorite things to do. You don’t need any make-up, no lights, or cameras. Just be comfortable.”

“Okay then, I’d like you to show me how,” she said happily.

I had to pause a moment, keeping in mind I was speaking with one of the most gorgeous women on the planet who was taking time out of her insanely busy schedule to play with me. I wanted it to be a special first experience for her, so I did some preparations of my own. I made some honey and chamomile tea to keep my voice (and my nerves) calm and mellow. I made sure my room was clean, and of course groomed myself meticulously, just in case she wanted me to show her what I was doing.

My heart was racing when I heard my phone chime again. I had to take several deep breaths before I answered. Hearing Kira’s voice for the first time was unreal to me. I was so nervous, I could hardly sit still.

We talked on the phone for nearly an hour, exchanging funny stories and sharing our past. It was really nice! The conversation was so relaxed and casual that after a while, I wasn’t expecting things to get as hot as they did. If anything, I thought we were just keeping things friendly and seeing where it led some other time.

“I really like talking to you,” I confessed. “I don’t think things have to get sexual between us.”

“Why not?” she interjected. “I want it to.”

“You do?” I asked shyly.

“Yes,” she replied. “I’ve never done this before so it makes me excited. And your voice is so sexy… it’s driving me crazy!”

I bit my lip lustfully, feeling instantly warm inside. Her words made me glow. Suddenly, I heard a buzzing sound through the phone.

“I hear your toy,” I giggled. “Are you playing with yourself?”

“Yes I am,” she replied. “It’s my favorite suction toy. Mmm… I wish it was your lips there instead. I have been so horny all day and I haven’t been able to cum.”

“Oh my god,” I responded, feeling wetness build within me.

“I want you to touch yourself for me,” she said seductively. “I want to cum, hearing you moan.”

My hands slid between my legs and I started rubbing my pussy. The tension was insane! I felt my juices immediately soak my fingers as soon as my lips parted. I closed my eyes and pictured myself pleasuring Kira. Feeling her voluptuous breasts and licking her flesh. I was so turned on, I could feel my clit throbbing on my fingers. Then, I began seducing her in return.

“I want you to close your eyes and picture me there between your legs,” I whispered. “Concentrate on nothing else but the rumbling sensation on your clit and the sound of my voice.”

“Mmm… Da!” She moaned.

Kira began talking dirty to me in Russian and I lost my mind. Her sexy voice was making my pussy melt. I grabbed my vibrator and smothered it in my crotch, using a pillow. I started cursing as I moaned with her on the phone. The intensity rose dangerously between us to the point where I could feel her naughty words being translated in my head, as the friction between my legs pushed me to the edge of orgasmic bliss.

“Konchi dlya menya!” she moaned in the sexiest tone ever. She began chanting it over and over again. I learned later, it means ‘cum for me’.

“I feel it,” I whispered breathlessly. “I can feel what you’re telling me to do… oh fuck, I’m so close!”

“Yes, please cum for me,” she said in a heightened squeal. “Sdelay eto pryamo seychas (do it right now).”

I felt my orgasm rise and rush through me like the crash of an ocean wave. I felt that powerful climactic force and began floating in a metaphysical space where she and I came together. Our two worlds collided, bodies clashing, wetness flowing, as we unleashed all the lust inside us.

I came so hard, I fell off my bed. I was soaked in sweat, thighs covered in cum, shaking and dizzy. Then, I heard Kira burst into an adorable fit of giggles right after.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “What was that sound?”

“That was just me…falling over,” I replied bashfully.

“I’m sorry I made you fall down,” she laughed.

“It’s okay. I like it,” I joked. “I think I’m going to stay down here for a while… and collect my thoughts.”

“Mmm… what if I join you on the floor then. Just start licking your pussy slowly.”

My chest fluttered at her suggestion but I was trying very hard not to sound like a nervous wreck on the phone.

“Only if you sit on my face,” I smiled. “69 me!”

“Yes, I’d love that!” she said. “I want you to cum with me just one more time.”

“Yes ma’am,” I whispered. “I’ll do whatever you want.”

I reached for my pussy and felt my hot slick opening suck my fingers in. I hadn’t been this wet in so long. I loved how my fingers eased right through and how my channel tightened around them.

“I can hear how wet you are,” she whispered. “I want more, babe.”

I smiled and bit my lip again but I didn’t tell her what I was thinking that time. Half of me was still in shock that this beautiful erotic actress was on the phone with me and now she was calling me ‘babe’.

In moments, we were lost in that sensual space again, moaning on the phone with our fingers grappling inside our pussies until they burst. Our walls came tumbling down. No blurred lines and no games. It was such a wonderful feeling! I’m so proud to be Kira’s first phone sex experience and I certainly hope I made a good impression.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I’m in that abundant sensual space again!!!

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