Kylie Jenner is back from her girl’s trip to the Caribbean, and she’s apparently getting a rude awakening at home in the Calabasas area, if these reports are to be believed!
On Saturday, Kylie was all set up to host a pop-up for her Kylie Skin line at the Topanga Mall in the western part of El Lay’s San Fernando Valley… but it sounds like things went wrong from the start, and fans left to hang out at the mall for hours were VERY disappointed in how the whole thing went down!

The anticipation started early with fans and followers mentally preparing for the influx of crowds at the mall.

And all that anticipation popped up because Kylie promoted the event HARD on social media, using her InstagramStories to go hard about it — making sure that all kinds of El Lay fans would be there when the time came!
And, well, the time came… but it sounds like things didn’t exactly go so well for her there.

One source reached out to us about the pop-up truck and the entire event, and from what it sounds like, things were less-than-ideal as Saturday progressed at the Topanga Mall (below):
“So Kylie Jenner had her Kylie Skin pop up truck at The Village at Topanga. She teased her fans and said that she might show up. She didn’t. What a scam. Everyone was waiting for hours! Since 6 am! IN THE SUN! And she didn’t have the decency to at least say she wasn’t showing up! She sent her mom, Kris Jenner, for FIVE MINUTES as a way to distract fans from the fact that she wasn’t showing up. So rude! So disappointed! Everyone is extremely disappointed!

The source was right about Kris Jenner, too — the momager DID show up at Topanga very briefly. Regardless of the fashion, though, it appears that Kris went at it alone, and the fans were none too happy about how things played out!
Were you there in Topanga?? What do U think about Kylie’s pop-up allegations, as sourced here?! Sound OFF about everything KarJenner-family related in the comment section (below)!!!

Source Perez Hilton

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