In case you weren’t aware, Kim Kardashian launched her first ever product from her beauty line last week. Just wanted to point that out because I don’t think many people heard about it…

Some of America’s biggest beauty YouTubers got their hands on the kits early, when they were invited to a launch party at Kim’s actual house.

One of the people lucky enough to get a snoop around Kim’s house was Jackie Aina, who has almost 1.5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Jackie has been making videos for over seven years on YouTube and is known for her honest reviews, especially on products for women of color.

After attending the launch, Jackie posted a video review of the contour kits. Even including a clip of her and Kim at the launch together.

In the video, Jackie gives a very thorough and balanced review of the product. She explains that at $48 the products are “a little on the pricey side” especially considering how much product you get for that.

But on the flip side, she admitted that Kim did a “pretty good job” with the shade range, as Jackie explains it can be extremely difficult to find contour colours that are dark enough for black skin.

Summarizing her review, Jackie praised the look, formula, and shade range of the line but also shared her thoughts on Kim launching a contour kit now:

“Part of me kind of feels like it’s a little too late to be doing highlight/contour kits. I feel like she should have did this like 5 years ago. That is when something like this really could have taken off. I feel like the whole contour and highlight train has long left the beauty community and that phase was like two years ago.”

She also reiterated her view on the $48 the price tag:

“The price point, I’m not really feeling. I just feel like $48 is a little up there. I mean Kim, you could have maybe did a $40 even. $40 makes me feel comfortable, and what’s that shipping like if you’re in the UK? What’s it really going to cost me, what’s customs gonna be talking about?”

So how did Kim respond to Jackie’s honest review?

Kim uploaded a pic to Instagram of everyone who attended her party and tagged everybody—except Jackie…

Now, this could have been a genuine mistake on Kim’s part, but the Internet seems to think otherwise.

By Harper’s Bazaar

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