Kendall Jenner has graced major runways, from the nationally-broadcast Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to Fendi’s 90th anniversary couture show in Rome’s Trevi Fountain. You would think that by now, she can pace a runway completely unfazed, but the model admits there’s still one thing that can make her lose her focus on the catwalk: her family.
Yesterday on The Tonight Show, the 21-year-old explained to Jimmy Fallon whenever she walks a show, she doesn’t look at the crowd, no matter what celebrities are seated in the front row. “I’ve told myself since my first show, I never look at the audience, ever,” she said. But it’s a little harder to keep a straight face when your mom and little sister are cheering you on from the crowd.

“Kylie sometimes, if she’s at a show—her and my mom, usually—I can hear them screaming,” Jenner explained. “Sometimes I’ll smirk a little bit ’cause I can’t like hold it in, but I never look. I like can never look at them.

Other than her family’s shoutouts, Jenner explains not much else makes her nervous for shows, unless she’s modeling a look that’s difficult to walk in.
“It actually depends on the situation,” she told Fallon. “Like, if I’m wearing a really long dress with really crazy heels, then obviously I think the nerves set in. You’re like, ‘Oh my God, I’m gonna fall.’ Or like, the runway is crazy, or whatever. But I’ve actually become really really comfortable.”

Despite getting embarrassed by her mom on the runway, she gives Kris and Caitlyn Jenner credit for helping her stay motivated to achieve a successful modeling career. “I can thank my parents for that,” she said. “It really is a dream come true. It’s really awesome and the last, like, three years has been awesome. Yeah, I’m really happy

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Jenner says She can't look at the crowd

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