Jet Set Woman

The Jet Set Woman – What type of woman achieves the best success in the jet-set world? What woman becomes instantly attractive in the wealthy man’s eye? Is it the luxurious babe covered in diamonds and fur or the more down to earth girl who has nothing to prove?
It’s all about the latter.
The “in your face” trend has become extremely passé. In today’s society where everyone is investing in their looks, it’s nothing special anymore to have an extravagant wardrobe and Instagram-perfect face and body. With surgery, anyone can make themselves look perfect, and everyone is getting that look, good looks has become mainstream.
The same goes for the need some Jet Set Woman have, to look rich. They assume that the richer they make themselves look, the wealthier man they will find.
When a man sees a Jet Set Woman covered in luxury and diamonds, he doesn’t value her more because she looks expensive. Instead, he ask’s himself “Who is buying her all this?” Men know that if a woman comes’s from a rich family, she would never be flaunting wealth in an obvious way, putting it all for show. It sure attracts attention, but it will not attract a serious man who has long-term intentions with you. Most often it puts off the good guys.

But that’s just looks. What about the character?

My opinion and experience have given me this knowledge over the years:
If you want to get a high-quality man, you have to be a high-quality woman yourself. You can’t have attitude and treat men like they owe you something. You have to be genuine and down to earth, a sweet person who not only takes but gives too.
As I was mentioning at the beginning, in today’s world beautiful girls are everywhere. Beauty is not hard to find these days. But a beautiful inside is rarer. And that’s why men prioritize that, no matter how visual they are (looks still matter for them, but it’s not everything.)

Men value normal women, who are drama-free while being 100% genuine and confident. They want someone who can make them happy, instead of a woman giving them only headaches and demands. I know this because I’ve researched it a lot during my years in the jet-set scene. I saw what type of women men end up marrying, and asked tons of guys about what qualities they’re looking for. They all gave me the same answers.
Please note. There are many “low-quality” men out there. Men who are selfish, not genuine themselves and with you for the wrong reasons. With these men, it would never work being a good woman like I describe, as you will end up getting played. But this post is not about these men, as smart women stay away from men of this kind. It’s important not to mix them up because they are a whole different story and the jet-set scene has a lot of them which requires a red flag alert and keeping a distance!

But if you’re single and want to meet an affluent man, who is a good guy and to build your future with, make sure to do this:
* Drop any form of games playing
* Drop any attitude or defenses that you may have
* Be humble, sweet, kind person who is pleasant to be around
* Give as much as you get
* Never turn yourself into a doormat, respect yourself at all times
* Be authentic and don’t be afraid of showing vulnerability (as long as you don’t overdo it)
* Stay grounded and humble
* Work on your pains from the past and start believing that there are great men out there who will not disappoint you
* Don’t be afraid of showing the real you, be yourself
* Take care of your looks, but don’t overdo it, have good taste

And one more thing…
Stay classy because classy men adore classy women.
If you upgrade yourself, as I’ve written in my book “How To Be Classy,” you’ll attract a high-standard man into your life. If you choose to have a less classy approach, unfortunately, you’ll end up attracting more low-quality men.
This formula has been tested personally by myself and others that I know, and I can say it creates wonders when you do a self-transformation and work on yourself! If only more people were doing it…

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Jet Set Woman

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