Jelena Karleusa goes major bling in Gucci’s bling bodysuit.

Yesterday we shared a post about Keyshia Kaoir in the same bodysuit. Why are all the Slaylebrities loving this bodysuit?

To be honest, we are really surprised at Jelena, as she’s been very vocal about other Slaylebrities imitating her style, could this be her way of venting her frustration?

Who wore it better?

Want the suit?

You are in luck!

Concierge Price: $8000
Size: custom

Contact concierge at or Skype slaynetwork to get it.

Bling Goddess- literally

This one's for the Gods!

And then came Riri

We all know Riri don't play


Sleeky Kim

Now that's a bootay!

Keyshia shows off her curves

Oh oh, looks like Jelena already decided the winner of this bling fest!

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