This quote comes from Nelson Mandela, who certainly earned the right to speak about perseverance and hard work. The seemingly impossible is something you can accomplish.

Some tasks only seem impossible because you build them up that way. Others seem impossible because they’re particularly hard. Either way, the point of a challenge is to conquer it and grow. You can’t do that if you concentrate on how difficult it seems.

For seemingly impossible tasks take the following approach:

1. Break it down into some smaller (but not necessarily the smallest) parts
2. Write out the steps that need to be completed for the smaller parts (make sure to put this into a good task management program like toodledo or zoho projects)
3. Do step 1 again with the results from step 2
4. Repeat until the tasks are small enough to handle
5. Make sure that you end up with a complete and logical list
6. Do each small step one by one, and do not even think about any other tasks!

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The man who says it can’t be done shouldn’t interrupt the man who is trying to do it

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